Can you learn a Chopin etude in one week?


i play the piano since i was 4 ...and i've done this before..i was just curious .

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    No no no no non nein nope nosiree no can do etc. Music is not a speed contest. You will mangle your hands if you try to do this. Approaching a new piece of music must be done in a careful, considered way. In a slow to moderate tempo, you must familiarize your hands with the notes, and your mind with the ideas in the piece, find its message, its pace, its demands and rewards. When you feel securely able to play each note quietly with a bell-like tone and complete relaxation as soon as you have played the note, then you can begin to increase the volume and pace. It takes as long as it takes.

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    Sure you can, but you have to be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort and practice. If your piano skills are pretty good than it should not be too hard, but if it is your first time, then it will be significantly harder. Basically, if you really want to learn a whole piece in a week then just be sure to practice a whole lot everyday.

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    Chopin's In the Hands (Etude 25.1) is so easy you can almost play it the first time just by sight reading.

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    Of course you can if start off with a level of ability and training that can handle it. That's like an extreme version of asking if someone could make 10 hoops in a row in basketball - I couldn't, but lots of people could.

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    Aren't there a couple of short ones? As I recall there are.. Do you have a good memory? Then to learn a couple in one week would no be so difficult.

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    That all depends on how much musical background you have. If you can at least read music and find notes on a keyboard, you could probably learn it if you practice several hours each day.

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    Yes, if you are a confirmed pianist ... and your hands are big enough (studies for the left hand are particularly demanding...).

    Personally I got quite small hands, so I stick to JSB and Mozart.

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    search it and choose the shipping according to when you want it. or your budget

    if i midunderstood that question.. u probably cant learn it in a week. you can't really prepare ANYTHING enough

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    Yes but hopefully it's not your first attempt at classical music otherwise that would be hard

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    Yes, but if you do so, be careful with how you shape melodies, etc.

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