How do I to cut an 1/8" thick mirror? Do I use a standard glass cutter? How do I keep the edges of the silver

I want to cut a mirror to go in a china hutch? It is not a standard store bought size. I need to cut a 24 inch wide down to 18 1/2"

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, you cut it with a normal glass cutter, place on flat surface with a piece of carpet silver side down.

    Mark your width first, then cut length.

    Use a sturdy straight edge and check both ends of your cut against the wide of the glass cutter. Run ONE scoring line along your cut line.

    Pull to the edge of the table, place a small pencil under the cut line, and peel the cut.. press down lightly on the drop side.

    You go to a local glass shop they will likely have 1/8" mirror stock and be able to do an exact cost saving you the hassle of busting pieces. and doing the job for you..

    Source(s): I was commercial glazier in a previous career.
  • T C
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    1 decade ago

    you can do it with a glass cutter, if you are good. Your local hardware store has a machine that cuts glass accurately, they will charge you less than five dollars to do it, mine charges a dollar.

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