Some people believe the children of stay at home moms have no sociol time...?

Simply untrue. Yes,there are some very lazy moms who basically just keep their kids alive but not all of us. #1 Playdates offer sociol time in VARIOUS enviroments,not the same little house or classroom day in and day out. There are also p/t school programs and little progrmas throught the city which are very affordable,which gives the kids time alone with their friends,parent free. They get the early education, sociolization skills,the praise of their hard work. They get to nap in their own beds,cuddle time. When theyre sik,mom or dad is there to comfort them,theyre not sick and miserable in a day care. When you sick,mom is all you want. All day day care is repetitive and boring.

Single parents cant do this,obviously thats understood but it dosent take welth either. We do alot of sacrificing for me to stay home. We could have two new cars,a huge house,great clothes,but our priority is our kids,not sociol status.


"MOM" who says I have no education,degree,job skills?

Im not going to deny my kids ME bc of something the MAY happen later on. If I became single Id have to work,obviously, NOTE THAT I SAID I WASNT REFFERING TO SINGLE PARENTS!

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    I am a stay at home Mom too, and there is nothing else better in the whole world. I am raising my kids, not someone else. My daughters are extremely social. We have playdates with friends, my oldest goes to nursery school, etc. I don't remember the last time my husband and I had a night out, but to know I am the one teaching my child right from wrong, is more rewarding. I couldn't live with seeing my kids for just three hours everyday. Personally, I have found kids who spend most of their days in daycare are brats. I get compliments all the time at how well behaved my kids are. I wouldn't change my life for anything.

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    While I have not heard this exactly, I agree that it is not true. as a stay at home mom I find that I have a little more time to take my kids to do stuff with other kids, as my schedule is a little more flex able.Now that being said I do not feel that I am a better mom than those who work. I get really tired of mothers working or stay at home talking down about the other,Our goals are all the same. Happy healthy children. How we chose to do it is our choice and No one has the rite to tell us that we are wrong.Some mothers work because they have no choice,Others work as a choice.Same for stay at home moms. We should be supporting one another. Looking out for those children who are truly being harmed not just raised in a way different from the way we are raising our own.

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  • No social time for children of stay at home moms??????????? That's a joke. My 16 year old dances 4 days a week and does dance competitions, my 7 year old dances 2 days a week and does competitions, my 4 year old dances 1 day a week. My 7 year old does gymnastics once a week and my 3 year old will start tumbling this summer. If my kids have no social time why am I in my car driving them "somewhere" all the time???? LOL

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    I agree. I am a stay at home mom and my daughter gets tons of social interaction and she's not even a year yet. But what is your question? And for someone who says stay at home moms don't have job skills and an education, I have my Master's Degree and a wonderful background in the field of higher education.

    Lewis, my daughter is ONE. Yes, I hold my one year old's hands through life right now because she is ONE. Idiot.

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    Of course stay at home kids can have plenty of socialization. There are many activities available for them such as music classes, gymboree classes, tumble classes etc. There are also many less to no cost activities such as library story hours, playdates at the park. There are hundreds of stay at home moms out there and they are always looking for fun activities to get there kids socializing with other kids their age. And also always looking for other moms to connect with. So if you go to the park start a conversation with another mom. You never know you may make a great friend and then the kids can always play together. But it's so important for the stay at home moms to get out and look for these opportunities. So, yes kids that stay home can get plenty of socialization but it takes effort on the mom's part.

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    I've been a stay at home mom for 4yrs and my son gets TONS of socializing time. We used to do playdates, go to the park, and play with neighbors kids all the time. Now he's in pre-k and he socializes there, along with playdates.

    I have a new daughter and she will get just as much socialization as my son does.

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    Clearly they do, reason being because my brother was homeschooled, today there are so many programs where the children of homeschool are offered, my brother played basketball with other homeschoolers, chess and array of different activites located at various places and even took two class at a privates school. Do your research Baby Girl before you respond because they do, it depends clearly on the parents if they allow them to even some kids or go to school regularly can rarely be in a situation where they don't socialize with other students

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    That is not true. Staying at home with moms they get a lot of attention. I do think they need to get out some though so taking them to a park or a playground at McDonalds or something like that is good. When they get older like around 3 I do think they need like a mothers day out type of thing to get them use to school, but not every day just once or twice a week. BUT NO STAYING AT HOME WITH MOM DOESN"T MEAN THEY HAVE NO SOCIAL LIFE!!!

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    Okay, that is just another genralization. Just because someone once said to you that your kids weren't getting enough social interaction doesn't mean that everyone feels that way about families who get to stay home. It also doesn't mean that moms who don't get their kids out as much are lazy. You also shouldn't say that all daycares are dull and boring or that all single parents don't get the luxury of time with their kids. Trying to disprove one generalization with a slew of others isn't the right way to go about proving your point.

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    My mom was a stay at home mom, and i was an only child until i was 6.

    When she felt i wasnt developing socially as well as i ought, she just started babysitting a couple kids about my age.

    Problem solved.

    We lived out in the boonies, and we certainly didnt suffer from being home.

    If more moms stayed home, thered be a world of properly functioning adults as a result.

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