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i was layed off 2 days ago my boss says i have to wait till after2 weeks?

i thought when you get layed off you had to file the next day

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    First of all, do not rely on your employer to give your accurate information on unemployment benefits. It is to their advantage if you do not apply for benefits in a timely manner.

    I think that the policies vary from state to state. Unemployment Insurance is a state goverment agency. In Wisconsin, you must file in the week you become unemployed. The following is from the website:

    Your claim begins the week you apply or reapply. To avoid any loss of benefits, apply the first week you are unemployed. Do not wait until the week is over!

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    You should be able to file right away. Call your local unemployment office and ask them. They will know for sure. Are you working out a 2 week notice? That may be why your boss said you have to wait. I think you have to wait until you are actually not working, but call the unemployment office, they'll be able to help you.

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    You can file for unemployment right away, but you won't get a check for three weeks, because the government says that you still have a check coming from your former employer.

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    you can file the next day ,,,you will lose 2 week already,,if you wait 2 week then it will be 4 week lost,,,,go and file now,,,your boss is wrong,,, may be your boss don't want you to have it.....i have been a boss for over 20 year ,i now ,,,your boss is very wrong,,,,go now''''' show your x boss

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    Usually most companies do not want someone working there they have made redundant which is obvious really this seems reaaly harsh before christmas dude! Are they trying to get out paying out redundancy pay through a recission of contract?

    i.e. You get so angry you walk away without completing your notice? I think redundancy pay is statuatory in the states aswell isn't it so I doubt it would be legal.

    Personally i'd speak to a union rep now and get their advice and preferably representation they can put them in their plac and protect your rights.

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    I assume you mean to file for unemployment. You can file THE DAY you're laid off. You're boss is trying to save money. File the paperwork today.



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    Go to your employment office and complain to them. He has to give your papers ASAP. Go to a government labour office and lodge a complaint if there was an invalid reason for this lay off. Good Luck!

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    You file on Sundays. You have to serve one waiting week without pay. Make sure you file every Sunday either online or by phone.


    start this Sunday

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    He's telling you 2 weeks so that you miss the deadline for filing. Go now before you become ineligible.

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    File asap. He is trying to delay the process, because he will still have to pay for it unless a certain amount of time goes by.

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