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So...this is going to sound weird and maybe a little funny. I have my own suspicions about what happned and I want your answers to double check. Ok...I play piano and am a piano teacher. Recently I have been practicing for a performance and have been very nervous I couldn't concentrate and play well. My bf is an english teacher and part time stage hypnotist. He suggested that he hypnotize me not to be so nervous. Well he came over and he was able to hypnotize me (very quickly..people who play music ae susceptable) Anyway..I was not nervous anymore and played fine..the thing is..when I woke up from hypnosis I found that my feet were really sticky feeling. I didn;t remember much from hypnosis and had him tape the session..but nothing could explain my sticky bare feet. So...what do you think happend? Help a girl out. Thanks

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    You feet might be sweaty.

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