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What the Bejesus are the Mariners doing?

Signing 36 year old Miguel Batista to a 3 year deal!?!? Trading two prospects for washed up Jose Vidro to be a DH!??! GM Bill Bavasi is baseball's Matt Millen

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    Yeah I agree - usually your DHs are power hitters that can drive in runs. Vidro has hit over 20 homeruns in a season just once in 2000 and has never drove in over a hundred runs. Only has 500+ at-bats in 3 of his 10 seasons. Not a good resume for a potential DH.

    The Batista deal is probably worse. But nice use of the word "Bejesus" - it's a good word; I use it every once in awhile:


    "A term that refers to a shock or surprise. It originates from the term by Jesus. It is often used to describe a state of being scared. You scared the bejusus out of me

    Bejesus is not commonly used by young generations, and has been replaced by more explicit terms."

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    I think the crime dog Fred McGriff would be a better choice than Vidro for DH haha. Bavasi is the equivalent to Millen....speaking of Millen, which WR are the Lions gonna take with their first pick in this years draft?

    Source(s): It is clutch of you to use the word "bejesus" around the holidays haha.
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    I don't think Bavasi is a good GM for a small market like Seattle. He built up a good team with the Angels but money wasn't as much of an issue.

    He needs to get out of the habit of buying old players and signing them to multi-year contracts.

    It seems to me that the best way to start winning is to play little ball and good defense, not to waste money on over-the-hill players.

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    I just think it's funny you used the word


    Happy Friday to you!

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    Don't worry Bavasi will be fired if the M's don't make the playoffs.

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    i know, sucks to be a Mariner fan lately. what do you think of us getting zito?

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