Gift for Dad!!?

I need to find a good gift for my dad. He is 47 and he like to work out side. He like to drink coffee in the mornings. He is very funny.. I need help on a good gift for a dad... please help..

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    What does your father feel interested in? Does he need anything in working or in daily life? Or maybe you just want to send him your best wishes? Anyway, I suggest you something with lucky wishes, that can bless your father for ever. For instance, the monkey riding on a horse, in China it means getting promotion quickly. See the following web pages, hope that can help you a little.

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    A Lowe's or Home Depot gift card would be handy. A personalized coffee mug or a starbucks gift card or starbucks gift basket is nice. This site has ideas for different kinds of people

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    gift cert. to a coffee shop

    portable radio or t.v. to listen or watch "the game" while he's working outside

    tool belt filled with things he likes (gift cert. to coffee shop, gift cert. to tool store, small framed picture of you two.,band aids in case he hurts himself, sunscreen for working outside, coffee mug for working outside)

    working hat with two built in beer(soda) holders on the side with straws that go down to his mouth so he can enjoy a cold beverage while he's working outside!

  • 1 decade ago

    My kids are getting their dad a collage of pictures.. of them and him together.. of the things he likes to do... He loves that kind of gift... memories are the best!

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    My best bet for this year's gift list is

    I got some great last-minute ideas there !

    Happy Christmas everyone !

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