why the big interest in celebs and the rich?

personally, I don't give a damn about the spoiled little crybabies and their oversized egos.they seem to love giving each other special recognition events. take trump for instance. he's a real looiney tune. and that whore hilton.i'm sick of hearing about her.

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  • Joshua
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    1 decade ago
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    Maybe it's cuz almost all of us who aren't rich, nor famous, secretly wish we could experience some of it??

    And since we can't, maybe we like to see how they are doing, just to "satisfy" our sense of jealousy? (not jealousy in the mean way of the word, just that feeling of a little envy)

    I'm not interested in the younger generation of celebs, (just a matter of taste, no offense to those who ARE), I follow the careers of some older celebs.

    But, inevitably, when I check the web for news about the careers of the celebs I am a fan of, I come across news about the younger generation of celebs as well.....and I DO find myself reading about them as well. (well, to be honest, I only read about the younger generation of celebs who have actually earned their celeb-status, by doing a great job at whatever category they're a celeb in. People like Paris Hilton don't interest me, IMHO they're a celeb cuz the media makes them that, just cuz they have rich parents)

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    Celebrities lives are open to the public, every scandal every lover every screw up the public knows about it, and not because everyone is all ways chasing after the latest gossip but because its all over the media, if you asked anyone who Brittany spears lost her ve rgi nity with at least 80% of the public would know, even though it’s such a personal thing.

    There lives are like a real live soap, with so much drama and the pressure on them to have everyone adore them, them there bound to mess up loose a load of weight put it on again and have there marriages fail because of the media pressure. It’s the same question as why do people watch soaps? What’s the point? Why are people interested in celebs? Because of the drama, the fact you don't know what will happen but everyone loves guessing.

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    People are interested in celebs because for those few minutes they are reading an article, or watching some show, they are blessed with a short period of time free of worries of their own life. And when you see shows on Hilton, you can think, "Well, at least I've never done THAT!". Or with the skinny ones: "Well, at least I'VE got a sense of nutrition". It gives you a break of the daily grind of your own life. And it gives you a reason to lose 5 points, and for us to gain 2!!

  • 1 decade ago

    i don't really dont care about celebritys either, whats the big interest in them when they dont really care about the average every day person.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    maybe they like to imagine themselvs in their shoes for a few linutes..

  • 1 decade ago

    it's nice to dream

  • 1 decade ago

    just for spending time...for fun!!

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