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Why do Christians get offended when someone talks bad about God. Can't God defend herself?

I mean...She is God , right?? Does she really need to rely on a bunch of bible thumpers for protection?

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    Your choice of pronouns is superb :)

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    They would probably say they are defending God on his/her/its (whatever, my head hurts) behalf. Or that God is speaking through them and telling the offender to shut up. However if this is true then God is also speaking through the offender so basically God just likes to argue with himself. What a wanker.

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    Because when you believe in something that is not provable and you have a lot invested in it, you get frightened when that view might be shattered.

    And no, God does not need someone to defend him. Besides, as a Christian, I was raised that only God may judge. I do not get offended when someone says something that might be construed as offensive. I look at it as that person's beliefs. God will deal with them later if there is something to be dealt with.

    This is what Jesus taught us.

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    You are a funny guy. Certainly God can defend problem. But we Christians get attacked, ridiculed, and challenged because of our choice to be Christians. So, sometimes we get defensive....sorry.

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    I will get very offended if you bad-mouthed my father or mother or brother... and they can defend themselves. MY God is as personal a relationship as these - even more so. Does THAT offend you?

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    Silly questions such as this exemplify the reasons Christians

    feel uncomfortable with answering such quips.

    I am sure you would go off on a complete bender if your parents were talked of and mocked, just because.

    Offensive, no. It just shows immaturity on your behalf.

    Besides, my Father can whop yours any day of the year.

    God Bless.

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    Actually God has both male and female attributes, not physically, but spiritually. So you are half right. But My guess is that you are just another dingleberry hangin by a short curly butt hair who wants to take a shot at Christians. Merry CHRISTmas and God bless you.

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    Oh Yes! God can defend Himself!

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    that's a little closed minded and stereotypical. Christians are different just like the poeple in other religions. depending on whatever comment you made, some people may feel the need to defend their beliefs.

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    With a nose and a jaw structure like yours I can see why you hate God so much ,Maybe you should use your tie to hang yourself in the front yard / Peace to you Flat head

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    Christians love God and how would you feel if someone bad -mouthed your Father or Mother?

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