Is there some kind of online quiz I can take - to find out what kind of computer I should get? I'm clueless.


I can't decide if I want a laptop or a desktop... either would be ok, I guess.

I will be using it for absic home/office uses - so I will need Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

I would like to be able to store lots of photos for printing/editing and sharing. I would also like something that has enough memory so that it doesn't slow significantly over time.

I don't plan to use it for lots of games, but I will most likely use it for downloading music and burning cds.

... I have never used a Mac - so I would prefer a PC, just my preference.

Thanks again.

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    Anything online to 'help' you decide will turn out to be a sales too I would bet.

    The first thing you need to do is decide what you are going to use the computer for the most. Then think of other uses that you want your new computer to handle. Things of that nature should guide what processor (CPU) you get, how much memory (RAM) you might need as well as how much storage space (hard drive) is needed.

    I can give you more guidance if you post what your needs will be.

    Laptop vs. Desktop - do you ever want to take it with you?

    Considerations: laptop and desktop with exact specs, the laptop will cost more. How much more depends on how highly speced out it is.

    Laptop over the long term will cost more to get repaired/replace parts/upgrade. Definitely get an extended warranty on a laptop.

    The intel core 2 duo processor is a solid choice in a processor, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with AMD. In the memory department, get at least 1 Gig of RAM, 2 Gig will future-proof you for a while. Hard drive, the more the merrier - but keep an eye on rpm speed and seek time, especially on a laptop. The hard drive can be a real bottleneck on laptops. If you go the laptop route, spend a bit more and get a 7200 rpm hard drive.

    On the laptop (again), go look at them. Pay attention to the screen. I use one of the top of the line Dell business model laptops with the best screen that they make. It pales in comparison to the screen on my wife's Gateway laptop. As a matter of fact, we had to purchase a laptop for my wife at the beginning of fall for medical school. We looked at every make and model (except Mac), we looked at Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Dell, Sony, Acer along with some others - the screen on the Gateway is absolutely gorgeous - bright, high resolution, great contrast - it's like looking at a beautiful plasma tv. But you may look around and find something you like better.

    To have the Office apps added to the computer when you purchase it will cost you a couple hundred dollars more. It's generally a little cheaper to get this with the computer than 'off the shelf' - generally.

    Hope this helps - good luck.

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    If you're that clueless about computers I would say get one of the cheaper ones from Dell or Gateway, or one of the big box stores like Circuit City or Best Buy. Even the cheapest computers today have more than enough hard drive space and memory to do the tasks you're likely to do. The more expensive ones are great if you'll be doing things like playing graphically intense games or doing video or photo editing. I would say go to your nearest computer store and find one that's about $350 - $450.

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    Go to or Look for an option for buying computer. From the company web site will teach every thing damn thing you need as what kind work to want to do with your computer to every thing. Good Luck. If don't have patience call the sales line of that company. The sales person will explain you every thing.

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    just get a mac, unless you play all the latest games then it has everything you could need a ridiculously easy interface. Then all you have to worry about is which one looks prettiest

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    go to Princeton review homepage and you can find out the info that you need.

    Good Luck!

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    TigerDirect has a section that can help you decide what you need:



  • This might be what you are looking for but i am not sure.

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