What's the significance of the red heifer?

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    Ah your asking a big question.

    Even Solomon did not understand the logic behind it.

    The ashes of a slaughtered and completely burnt red heifer are then mixed with water and used to purifiy people so that they were able to enter the temple mount.

    It was the only thing able to remove the contamination that came with contact from the dead.

    as such it is key to continuing of the temple services.

    as a side point the irony of the red heifer ashes is that one who distributes them to others atomaticly becomes impure himself.

  • 1 decade ago

    The rabbis of Judaism have declared that, when a perfect kosher red heifer appears on earth, the Messiah will come during that immediate generation. There cannot be a single white hair on the animal, and that is almost impossible to find.

  • ysk
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    1 decade ago

    The ashes, in water, lead to purifying a Tamai Mais. That's about it.

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