Have you ever been regifted, can you tell when you've received one?

I can tell immediately when I've been regifted. I know I've recieved some junk that was given to someone else, and I hate it, I consider it a great insult to my intelligence. Like I can figure out most of the time that I've been regifted. Now if you recieved two Nintendo Wii's and want to regift it to me, I haven't got a problem with that! Merry Christmas everyone!

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    ok, one thing with regifting, its the thought that counts. and also, you have most likly regifted at least once. but you never know if the regifted gift is worth while. as you said abot the nitendo wiis

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    Well - the way I can tell is that it's usually generic. A candle or an ornament - something that has nothing to do with ME. I have a friend who was given a beautiful silver tray - and really didn't care for it or have a use for it. He never even took it out of the box. He re-gifted it and guess what - IT WAS ENGRAVED ON THE BACK!! Needless to say - the recipients had no trouble knowing they had been regifted. How embarrassing!!

    Happy Holidays!

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    I think whoever said "It's the thought that counts" has it just right. Even a new gift given without any thought for what the recipient likes just sucks. A useful re-gift is still a great gift!

    One nice thing, though. If you know you've been re-gifted, you can put a little U-turn sign next to that person's name on your Christmas list -- and next year, you can save some money and just re-gift him or her! (-: If you know them quite well, maybe you could re-gift him or her with the very same gift s/he gave you. I've heard of that becoming a great family/friendly joke.

    Anyway, it's the season of good will, so don't dwell on sucky gifts -- do what you can to make the season a good one, and think about all the good stuff you got and great memories you made!

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    When ppl regift to me I feel the same way.

    Christmas 05 I was at my friends house and we were all opening gifts. The way her family does it is for all eyes to be on the gift opener. So anyway she regifted this sweater she got before (dont get me wrong it was cute but it didnt fit her) so when I opened it her mom was like hey isnt that the sweater your aunt got you for your b-day. LOL she was so embarrassed and bought me a gift the next day.

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    I have a SIL famous for regifting. She is a school teacher and passes on what the children give her. Most of these gifts do not fit my lifestyle or occupation at all. Drives me nuts since if she was treated the same way she would be upset.

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    I tell people I give gifts to that if they don't like it then give it to someone else that they know could use it.

    I guess you could say "I am a regifter"

    There are always double standards as you can see by your own posting.. a Wii would be welcomed to you. I guess we all should just be happy that anyone thought of giving us anything at all.

    I know I give alot less from then on, the moment I know someone is unappreciative.

    Source(s): Merry CHRISTmas !!! : )
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    Re-gifting is not my favorite gesture, but I do receive gifts that I cannot possibly use. In these situations, I think of an appropriate person who would benefit from this gift, then I tell them that I received it as a gift, but hoped that they would make use of it.

    Since I do not drink coffee, I passed my gourmet coffee gift onto a friend who is a "coffee hound". He loved it and understood.

    Whenever I get a gift certificate or card, I carefully decide if I can tithe it to a needier person anonymously. Once I gave a gift card to a single mom with best wishes from my church. It was my tithing for the week (giving to the church) and she was able to buy Christmas presents for her 4 girls.

    I try to be gracious with clothing and personal items, since they were chosen specifically for me.

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    I have no problem receiving a "re-gift", especially if it's something that I would like! Now if it were something completely not me it would be weird, but otherwise I would graciously accept it whether or not I suspect it's a re-gift.

  • Well, I have not been on the receiving end of re-gifting I'm the guilty one of Doing It. Sorry.

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    I don't think in all these years I have, I always love everything and anything I receive. My sister did give me a religious type collector music box once, I knew she initially bought for herself, I loved it so much she gave it to me as a surprise.

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