radio mirchi on internet.????

can any body broadcast radio mirchi 91.9 FM on internet. i want to hear ahmedabad live. US is no good for list

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You cannot listen to Radio Mirchi but you can listen to Radiocity Chennai and Radiocity Hyderabad on Just go to and in the search box type "Radiocity" and you will get links to listen to live Radiocity Chennai and Hyderabad.

    You can also listen to other interesting Hindi FM stations at There are two stations there.One is Awaz FM which plays old and new songs (till the 90s) and City FM plays latest songs. Both these stations are available at You can also listen to a lot of Hindi and Tamil stations at Just type Hindi or tamil in the search box and there are lot of private stations playing continous songs. There is also a Srinlankan Tamil station called Sooriyan FM which is available on Shoutcast. I will keep you posted on Radio Mirchi if it ever comes online. There is also a New Jersey station called Dhoom FM...but their website is under construction so it will take can try it now and see when the listen live feature is gonna be available.

  • 3 years ago

    you may hear to all BBC radio station and nicely as watch the television channels once you're out of the country. you in basic terms ought to install an app on your internet gadget and it will start to unblock all uk & US television & Radio channels as in case you have been in that united states of america.

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