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Did selling Cisse was biggest mistake that club ever made?

If not wich is?

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    Maybe, but he was injured right after they sold him, so he couldn't help them a lot!!!! The biggest mistake was when Real sold Eto'o.. haha :)))).... and when Barca let go Fabregas :( !!!

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    FCB is extremely good, Henry did not shine until eventually his 2d season there, and he scored 2 targets antagonistic to Madrid. besides the indisputable fact that, Zlatan wasn't doing adequate, i replaced into hoping he would stay and save attempting yet he replaced into under no circumstances extremely the right participant for Barca's kind.

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    Liverpool did not sell him they loaned him out to Marseille until June 2007

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    hes only on loan but even they do sell him they would be better of cos his attuide stinks!2nd game back after injury he wos takin of and he threw a tantrum!i think leeds selling cantona for only one million wos the worst i can think of!

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