What's going on with Rosie and Donald Trump how did this start?


The ignant responses aren't really needed nor requested so Happy holidays to you...

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    Rosie made comments about Mr. Trump giving Miss USA another chance and pretty much bashed him....made rude comments about his marriages and his morality and his financial status, saying that he had filed bankruptcy and was near to it again and on and on and tossed her hair over to one side and made fun of his hair. He took offense to her comments about his financial standing and is threatening to sue her for slander saying that he had never, personally, filed bankruptcy. Then he proceeded to go on a tirade of his own on Entertainment Tonight and Larry King Live and say nasty things about her and call her names. I don't blame him for calling her on that either, she needs to learn somehow that you can't just say anything you want to about people and have no consequences for it. I hope he does sue her and wins!! Maybe that'll shut her up.

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    Rosie O'Donnell said some negative things about Donald Trump on The View because of his decision in letting Miss USA stay Miss USA. He of course came back at her. It's nothing too serious and will soon die down.

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    the miss teen America chick got involved in a scandal and when Donald let her slide Rosie made fun of him. he called Fox news and retaliated with another childish insult about her being an ugly lesbian. she came back on the view making fun of his comb-over and so on and so forth. completely retarded and a waste of our time.

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    If you have access to the Internet, then why can't you Google it for yourself? I believe this is the 250th time this question has been asked on here....Trunks is not amused...

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    Who cares they are both LAME!!!! She's GAY and OPINIONATED (and annoying) and His rug SUCKS

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