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how do i slim down from a 101cm/40inch waist to a 80cm/31.5inch waist in 2months?

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    hard boiled eggs with grapefruit juice for breakfast

    steak with tomatoes (juice is fine)

    don't do this for longer tha two weeks honey

    but you can come off the diet and go back on after allowing your body to recuperate.

    You'll lose 15 lbs. a week.

    Please don't forget to drink LOTS of water.

    Oh, and LOTS of exercise.

    Good luck!

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    I found a great way to lose weight fast and keep it off. I do body cleansing. I lost 13 pounds in 9 days and then 28 pounds in less than a month. Cleansing will help the body get rid of toxins. Toxins come from a lot of things like fast food, pollution, food additives and preservatives etc. The toxins get stored in the fat in our body. To shrink the fat, we have to get rid of the toxins by cleansing. This made sense to me and I decided to try a cleanse program and it worked. The weight came off fast and this kept me motivated to keep going, not like other diets where the weight loss it too slow. To learn more call the toll free number 1-877-587-4647 or check out the website. Cleansing was good for me. Good luck whatever you decide to do!


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    dont do diet, because of this you will feel weakness.

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    I have had great results with an all natural product called Isagenix.

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    i dont know if this is the kitty i know or not, but its potato, and you dont need to lose weight. if you do know potato, plz plz plz dont hurt urself!

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