what is the difference between Sunni and Shite Muslims and why do they hate each other?

ALL religions seem to cause violence when they're supposed to be about peace

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    The same was sort of true between the protestants and catholics in Northern Ireland. In this case it was political and social reasons between two ethnic groups that happened to be of different religions. The media used their religion to identify these groups.

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    the fight starts when there was a conflict over who should lead muslims after the death of Muhammad, the Prophet. Shiites believe Husayn (the Prophet's grandson) should lead the masses while Sunnis believe Abu Bakr (if im not wrong), who is the Prophet's uncle, should be the leader.

    hence, the infighting and separation into 2 sects. both sects have differing beliefs on some issues as well.

    for eg, during the Holy month of Muharram (the month of Husayn's death) Shite couples abstain from sex and other stuff (like party, and other happy things) out of respect for the death of Husayn. Sunnis dont do this.

    Shiites also celebrate the month of Asyura' where they go to the street and become flagellants-hitting themselves with sharp stuff connected to chains till they bleed-to commemorate/mourn Husayn' s and his family's matyrdom.

    Altho sunnis observe Asyura' they do it for different reasons.

    Source(s): mostly from what i know. also from my good friend Wiks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashura
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    (1) Sunni Islam: The great majority of Muslims belong to this branch of Islam. The Sunnis derive their name from the word “sunnah” to which they place particular importance. The Sunnah sets forth the model for correct Muslim behavior. To the Sunni, the Sunnah is limited to the words and deeds of Muhammad as transmitted by his companions and recorded in collections called hadiths. Each hadith is preceded by a chain of the names of those who have transmitted it in each generation, leading all the way back to the companion who reported it from the Prophet. This chain of guarantors is referred to as the isnad. In addition to the Sunnah and the Qur’an, the Sunnis recognize the authority the Ijma or consensus of the community (Ummah).

    They believe that their leaders may be elected by the Ummah, which can also rule on matters of faith and practice.

    (2) Shi’ite Islam: The Shi’ites derive their name from the Arabic phrase Shiat Ali, which means “the partisans of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib.” The Shi’ites also recognize the Sunnah as sources of Islamic Law, along with the Qur’an. However, for Shi’ites, the Sunnah also includes the words and deeds of the Shi’ite Imams. The Imam is a divinely ordained leader who is the final interpreter of the Shari’ah or law on earth. Shi’ites today see their form of Islam as the purest representation of Muhammad's original religion. But they are very much the minority in Islam. Because of this, they have élitist attitudes and not only ignore the majority in Islam, they also have glorified that status of the minority.

    Why do they hate each other? Well, if one group (the Shi'ites" think they are the "pure-bred" and act accordingly, wouldn't the other groups (Sunni, Sufi and Khariji Islam) resent that?

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    You are talking about Iraq? This is a political issue----not a religious issue. Look at them as political parties, and each wants to control the government.

    Sunnis believed that from the followers of Mohammad, the leader was to be chosen after his death. The Shia believed that Mohammad's family line should lead them.

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    The argument between Sunni and Shiite is about 13 centuries old, and relates to the "genuine" successor to Muhammed. Sunnis believe it was someone, and Shiites believe it was someone else. All other differences stem from that basic one.

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    It has to do with succession(Caliph) after Mohammad's death. The split is between old tribal leaders(Sunni) or the Prophets family(Shiites).

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    Sunni ones are bright and cheerful and shite one's are on the toilet most of the time with the runs.

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    sunnis believe that shia are heretic

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    Surely, all believers are brothers. So make peace between your brothers, and fear Allah that mercy may be shown to you.

    Source(s): Holy Quran
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    the shite muslims have stains on their pants

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