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Any one read the article on on the D(ui)-Train?

Apparantly now he is the Pee-Train...he pulled over on the side of the street all whhaaasted and started pissing in the street. The cops "suspected" him of being drunk b/c he smelt like booze and was off balance.....personally, i think they were harrassing him cuz he wears his had crooked.


he was definately drunk...the hat comment was a joke haha.

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    I thought that just maybe one of these young talented athletes would get there heads together. It seems like way to often you see that these guys with all the talent in the world, throw it away and start hitting the bottle. Just once I'd like to see a guys career not get overshadowed by something other than baseball.

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    He was probably drunk, because Dontrelle Willis act in such a moronic way if he was sober, and it is disappointing to see such a great pitcher to act in such a way.

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    haha!! no he was drunk

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    DID they get him for underaged drinking also?


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