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What Can I Buy My 28 Year Old Brother (Spending $100 On Him)?

What's a good gift to buy for my brother? He's 28 and going away in January on vacation. Please give me some ideas of things I could buy for him. I'm spending around 100 bucks.

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    How about a personalized toiletry kit packed with a bunch of nice men's products? has great gift ideas. You could get also get him travel sized men's products from and put them inside. Also, consider getting him travel books, maps, etc. from Barnes & Noble. You could chip in with other siblings or friends to get him a Sony PSP - I got one for my husband and he loves taking it on vacation.

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    Look, just give the guy a $100 gift certificate to Best Buy or whatever he likes.

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    nicely consistent with risk this would sound unusual yet i think of he would be particularly happy to spend those one hundred dollars on his trip particularly than figuring out to purchase him a contemporary with the money ! funds will paintings i assume !

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    Give him the $100.00 and let him purchase what he needs as he shops!

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