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How to get rich by working in corporate word?

The way I see it is that employees do the hard work and CEO/CIO/CFO/VP takes the cheese. I want part of that cheese too.

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    This depends on what your definition of "rich" is, but very few people get rich in the "corporate world." Those who do make lots of money in the corporate environment are the very top people, such as CEO. COO, CFO, etc.

    Look at a list of America's richest people, and you will find that most are entrepreneurs -- they don't work for someone else, they work for themselves.

    Good luck.

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    Well, first let me tell you it is VERY difficult to get "rich" (by most people's definition of the word) in corporate America. here's an alternative: If you want more info... hit me up direct and we can talk.



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    You are hereby promotetd to head cheese man.

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