Can my 14 month old have oranges?? Or Lemons? I know that before he turned 1 her wasn't allowed to.?

Toddlers allowed to eat oranges? my 15 month old is beggin for an orange.

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    I was told that once they reach 1, they could have citrus fruits so I think you were right to wait (the other comment was correct about the acid and their immature tummy's) and if he wants to try one now it's ok. You're lucky that you have a child that wants to try new things.

    Also--Orange juice is the only juice with any real nutritional value for toddlers since it has vitamin C--eating the orange though is even better. If you do give him OJ--be sure to do it half and half like you do with other juices.

    Sounds like you are off to a great start raising a healthy child!

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    Make sure that the orange has no white stuff left on it, clean it up very well and I would only give 1-2 slices because of the acid in it upsetting tummies and causing acid reflux and diarrhea. I doubt a 15 month old would want a lemon but I'd only give them a slice or 2 of those as well.

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    Part of the reason not to give babies under one citrus is allergies but part of it is also the acid. My daughter is 18 months and she has not been eating oranges and lemons for a number of months. We try to limit the amount of orange though because it upsets her tummy if she has too much. Just like with any other food, introduce a little bit first and see how it goes. If you haven't had any other troubles with food, it will be fine and maybe it will become a new favourite food!

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    Yes my little ones always loved oranges....lemons may be a little sour for them....I must have been a bad mother cause mine were chomping down on oranges before the 12 months were over....

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    It is fruit. I don't think it will be a problem. This year I have read a few articles about the paranoia in parenting. We are making our children more prone to allergies for prohibiting them from eating things for too long. Their body then reacts negatively because they haven't been exposed to the food for so long. Kids need variety and getting the food early will allow their bodies to understand the food and not see it as an invader. It is ironic that over 20 years ago there was a much lesser prevalence in allergies and kids would eat almost anything.

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    yes. they can't before one year because the acid is too strong for the little tummy. Try with diluted orange juice just to see if it bugs his stomach. If not, try full orange juice and then oranges. If you want to flavor something with oranges or lemmons, it's totally fine as cooking generally takes out some acid.

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    Sure..why not. Both my kids had oranges before the age of 1.

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    I would not give him a lemon but an orange is fine. Just make sure there are no seeds in it and watch him while he eats it.

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    If you really arent sure call your pediatrician. I think the main concern would be the acid in them. My daughter just turned 2 and I let her eat them. Just watch how much you give her and watch for ulcers. Every kid is different maybe if you let her try it she won't even like it. I don't see the harm-give her the orange.

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    I ve fed my son and daughter oranges since they were 11 months old with no problems. Go ahead and let the child have one.

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