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everyone flags me for inappropriate nonsense should?

should I do it back to others out of anger these people are really sensitive over nothing?

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    Ignore them... you have a sense of humor ... and are realistic ... they don't get it ... you are the gifted one!

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    Two wrongs don't make a right. Period, end of story.

    I just went through your answers, and frankly, I think some of the ARE inappropriate. There are some very young kids on this site, which i don't really agree with, but you need to think about who could possibly read this stuff before you say it. I wouldn't want any 8 year olds reading about things dripping in girls heads or trying to get people to leave by saying you have to watch some porn. Come on now.

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    The vast majority of people will not flag you just like that. I would also not call them "sensitive over nothing". They might have different standards and a different understanding of politeness but you certainly have hurt their feelings. Just be a little bit more considerate in the way you express yourself.

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    Will not make everything okay, as others have said, two wrongs don't make a right. Some of your comments, etc are inappropriate to some people, of all ages, etc.

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  • I am one who flags becuase I have my daughter herlp out on the answers and Ithink some answers are innaproprate. When they are, I flag it and then my daughter cant see the comment. It is horrible to have to read someones rude comments especially when they might hurt the feelings of another. Just watch what you say, think about if it would hurt someone or not before you submit it.

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    No, you are childish and like to show everybody that you are so. I think it would be best for your maturity level and the self respect of the people on here if you fail to return and find other paths to improving your self.

    Good luck in finding your path in life, because if you are honest with your self you will realize that the one you are on, is flawed.


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    Nope. That's really, really petty, like you say They are.

    Something to think about- why are you still hanging around a community that clearly isn't for you? You obviously don't share values and you do not want to change to meet Theirs.

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    well, only IF it's offensive.

    obviously there are those who consistently believe your answers are. If I were you, I would place my thoughts there; "why do so many feel I am out of bounds? my behavior inappropriate"?

    you should NOT act of of anger that too is irresponsible, inappropiate behavior

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