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was the dog playing or angry?

i went to go look at small maltese puppy and i went in this play pen thing to go see how it acts and it was running around and then it started tugging on my shoe lace and it started growling while it was tugging it. after it stopped for a little bit and was running around barking then it started tugging on my showlace again and it was growling again. was the puppy mad at me or is that just how it plays?

i dont know because im a first time pet owner so please help!...

the puppy was male..i dont know if that has to do with anything about how it was acting though..

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    Just playing puppies love shoe strings but before you buy a dog you need to check out the homeless maltese


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    That is just puppy play. My Border Collie puppy growls something fierce when we play tug of war with a rope, but in the midst of a growl, I can still get nose to nose with her. After you have a dog for a while, you learn to recognize what is the play growl and what is a scared/defensive one.

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    Yeah, your pup was only playing. They growl like that when they're little and sometimes they get carried away but it shouldn't be taken as anything serious. It is kind of funny you mention that, I've never really thought about the way puppies growl, but its interesting because if the momma dog growls at them they at once straighten up. But when puppies do it, they're just playing and not mad or anything.

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    Likely playing, but this is still a sign that your dog will likely try to be dominant... this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you will need to be firm in training and consistent - as a first time dog owner, this may not be the best personality for you in a dog. You'll need to read up on dog behavior and dominance; for example, walking in the door first before your dog, turning him over on his back and petting his belly at least once per day, etc. You will need to work with him so he knows common commands, and this can be more work with a dog that is dominant by nature. As a first time pet owner, you might pick a pet that is more calm by nature. It will be easier on both of you!

    I agree with the others - if you were in a pet store DO NOT BUY THE ANIMAL. You are asking for trouble, and for every one you buy from a pet store, they stock up with more. They are prone to diseases and genetic defects and it is terrible how the parents are treated like breeding machines.

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    Sounds like the pup was just playing. He was probably locked up for a LONG time before he got to come out and see you, so he had excess energy to use up.

    It sounds like you were at a pet store, so PLEASE, reconsider buying a dog from there. Most pet stores get their animals from puppy mills and buying from a pet store will only help contribute to the misery of hundreds of thousands of dogs kept right now in that type of Hell.

    For more info on puppy mills and why not to buy from pet stores, try this site: http://www.petstorecruelty.org/USDA%20Violations%2...

    If you do decide to get a dog, check your local newspaper and buy from a home, just make sure that you thoroughly check their premises. Or you could go to the local shelter and save a life.

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    A lot of puppy's are just like that and it's how they play, however it shows sign of aggression you don't want that, my dog is aggressive and he has bitten me several times. We are having to have him put down, in the long run it's better for you and the dog if you get one that has no signs of aggression. Consider having your dog socialized as well, at a young age.

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    Well he is a puppy of course and puppy's play like that especially when they are getting their teeth. if the puppy was bitting u and breaking the skin then that wouldnt be playing around.

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    Dogs growl in typical play behavior. It would depend on the body language of the pup when he was growling, but I would venture to guess that he was playing. I would recommend getting a dog behavior book to learn about how to read behavior before you get a pup. Best of luck :)

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    Definitely playing. Maltese puppies are some of the most playful. They are terrific pets and very lovable. I highly recommend them!

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    Sounds like playing to me. Possibly aggressive playing, but playing none the less. Puppies are strange and funny little creatures, they'll bark at the silliest things!

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