what is the right angle for drawing on a flat surface?

so your drawing doesn't look too wide or too stretched

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    The angle you work at is personal preference. A drafting table or a PXB board (links below) are usually adjustable from between 15 to 30 degrees. Sometimes I like to work at about 60 degrees. It all depends on the artist.

    In addition to an angled table, try the following to avoid distortions in your drawing:

    1. Get up frequently and look at your drawing from a distance such as tacking it or leaning it against a wall.

    2. Look at your drawing in a mirror once in a while. Many artists have a tendency to have their drawings "lean" to the right or left and are sometimes unaware of the "lean" in their drawings. Looking at your image in a mirror will show you any major flaws in "lean."

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    Drafting Table Angle

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    Well this may seem brutally obvious... but the best angle at which to achieve perfect perspective is 90 degrees from the floor/ground.

    You should be facing your work directly at eye level if you are drawing/copying a scene in front of you. Your easel should be tilted at an angle as though you were viewing the work on a wall, which is where it will eventually be seen by others.

    Source(s): 30+ yrs an artist
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    I try different angles every time I draw. Its better to draw on a angled surface than a flat surface because then while ur drawing u wont have to constantly get up to see the rest of your drawing.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Right angle drawing is when you look at something from either the front on or left and then try to imagine what it would look like from the Right Angle. More about this technique can be found in Kimon Nicolaides books.

    Source(s): Kimon Nicolaides, the natural way to draw. chapter 6.
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    If I understand your question, it is nice to have a drafting board with an adjustable top, so you can put it at an angle that suits you. I even like to write letters that way, and study.

  • Bill
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    1 decade ago

    The best angle for no distortion is one in which the top of your paper is the same distance from your eyes as the bottom.

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    A flat angle? lol

    Nah seriously though...it depends...say you want to show a road or a creek then you have to remember that even though these may be parallel, in the distance they will appear to be merging...sorta like the symbol / \

    / \ see?

    Hope this helps:)

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