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what have u bought 4 your mums,im stumped?

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    A great present is an Amarylis plant. Most grocery stores and home improvement stores are selling them right now. They are sold as a bulb and the potting soil and a 8" ceramic pot, all in a square box. The price is right, about $12 - $15. Your mom can plant the bulb, water it from time to time, and every day for a month watch it grow into the most gorgeous exotic bulb ! There are a variety of chades of red, pinks and whites. They last for many weeks after blooming, and are a wonderful antidote to the long winter months! Merry Christmas!

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    My mother had arthritis and used to like to sit in her rocker to watch television. So I bought her a nice warm men's sweater with a zipper with an attachment she could pull with her hands which was difficult because of her arthritis

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    I buy tomato plant food for my mums and I plant them around a spot where a tree used to grow.

    They are very similar in growing habits as tomatoes. Pinch me, fertilize me, water me

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    I sent my folks Omaha Steaks. Think of what she enjoys doing and get something that pertains to that. You could make a "coupon book"...Good for cleaning the kitchen, the house, doing laundry, a foot massage....use your imagination. good luck

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