Under eye circles - EXTEME?

I have had dark circles under my eyes since the day I was born. Most in my family do too, but I by far have the worst. I have pretty bad allergies which I guess contribute (who knows?) but I try to keep a healthy diet and I'm in good health otherwise.

Most of my life people have commented and made fun and I just brush it off because what can I do? I've gone to over 10 make-up artists, 2 of which work in movies, and not a one of them could cover them up. Lately, the circles are SO bad that I look like I've maybe been in a car accident. I know I should't care about people staring at me or saying things, but it sucks. I also hate looking in the mirror regardeless of what anyone else thinks.

Does anybody else have this problem? And I'm not talking, tired eyes after a night of drinking; I mean racoon eyes!

If so, what do you do? I've tried just about everything, twice. Even my doctor says "it's just the way you are". I don't accept that.

Please help! Happy Holidays!

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    I, too, have dark undereye circles but I'm guessing that yours are significantly worse than mine. I'll give you my tips and I hope that something here is helpful to you.

    Neutrogena (cosmetics) has some good products for undereye circles that I have used in the past. They have a nice, light color, that neutralizes the dark grey/purple shade that makes you look like you've been in a fight.

    Physicians Formala cosmetics (available at Walgreens) also has several products that are really good for conceiling circles, including a pretty decent concealer. The only shortfall of these products is that they are pretty expensive.

    What I currently do is, after I have applied my foundation and powder, I take my finger and apply a small amount of a shimmery white eyeshadow (any brand) and put it over my dark circles and in the corner of my eye (against the side of my nose). You have to be really subtle/gentle with this menthod, but what it does is to bounce the light off of the shimmery powder and brighten up the appearance of that area.

    Lastly, you can always make an appointment with a reputable dermatologist. They will have several treatments (laser, medications, etc.) that can lighten up the circles.

    For a quick fix, take a metal spoon, run some cold water over it and wrap it with plastic wrap. Stick it in the freezer for 5 minutes and then put the back of the spoon in the area below your eye. The cold metal will force the tiny blood vessels under your skin to draw away from the surface to stay warm. I find that this is effective for 20-30 minutes. (Good technique to use right before photos!)

    I hope that something here is helpful to you. Dont be satisfied with the answer that this is just "how you look". If it is a frustrating part of your everyday life, than you are correct to try and change it. I hope that one of these tips works for you.

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    their are a few possible cures to help fix the zombie look! ....

    ....first, the causes

    1) you could be suffering from candida, a yeast infection said to be found in possibly 90% of people that eat foods with yeast in it, foods like bread, cake, crackers, porridge, even beer! ... the immune system of a person suffering from this illness turns on them. people suffering from allergies, depression, poor memory, skin irritations, zombiism...this is a serious condition effecting the whole globe.

    2) you are suffering from a lack of being alive, not enough fresh air, sun, and simple pleasures like enjoying all the symbiotic relationships within your life.

    3) you are suffering from a(what a doc might call genetic defect) bad family lifestyle, passed down from generation to generation, eating preserved foods consistently, taking drugs/preservatives, consumed with being entertained, simply being depressed and comfortable about hiding it from all the other people that would rather look good, than feel good.

    The answer is : stop believing in yourself, mankind, god, and anything else, start knowing yourself, and see that your purpose on earth is far more about breathing outside air, getting sun, long walks, and eating whole foods, core and all., the more you find yourself becoming a wild healthy being, within the unfolding now, the more you will begin to look like an angel, and the more this planet becomes heavenly

    Source(s): many books that i have read have helped me to see the truth. some include...The Yeast Syndrome.....The Four Agreements... Rays of the Dawn...... The Bible(my own symbolicinterpritation)
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    A good thing to cover dark circles or red spots is green concealer. You can buy it at a store like target. The green cancels out the red or dark colors so they are less visible. Then, you cover it with a normal concealer. I hope it works for you!

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    If they bother you and there isn't anything medically wrong that would becausing the issue, then use a setting concealer.

    Avon offers a 100% guarantee on their products and personally I know they have a great setting concealer. My face was scared when bitten by a dog when I was younger and I use it to conceal the scar everyday. Go to www.youravon.com/sweaver to check it out.

    Source(s): www.youravon.com/sweaver
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    Have u seen an ear, nose & throat (ENT) doctor? He may have some helpful ideas, or can point you in the direction of someone who can. Or maybe a dermatologist.

    I have this problem too, luckily I wear glasses and I think that helps camouflage them

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    Find herbal homemade tips for Dark circles, Pimples, Freckles,

    Suntan, etc...- ingredients from your kitchen cabinet --


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