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Violations on Answers?

I asked the ? if i am a huge dork or if other people wrap presents for their pets to put under the tree...and was violated!! Anyones else ever get violated for asking a question like that? Sound inappropriate to anyone else?

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    it doesn't sound inappropriate to me,

    note: u dont sound like dork just a pet freak

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    Sorry about that dude... I don't think it's a problem to wrap presents for your pets--people do it all the time.

    I think someone may have had a point about the use of the word "dork" in your question, though--most of us don't think of it as meaning what it really means, we just use it as meaning "stupid" or "nerdy" or whatever...and, unfortunately, there are probably folks out there that just like to get others in trouble...

    So, anyway, wrap away, and have a happy holiday :-)

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    Your Q is OK. I have also posted one, no harassment, no violations and it was even not displayed. The day after I have received a violation note and the Q was deleted although nobody could read it. I hope Y! Answers are just experiencing some problems that will be fixed soon.

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    yeah one time i asked the question "Who thinks they are hot?" or something like that... I even put it under survey and i got a violation... some people are retarded.... its probably someone else reporting you but what i think is that yahoo doesn't even look at the question they just give you a violation if someone reports you... i also think that when ever i give a question a sarcastic answer that the person who asked the question goes to the questions i ask and report one of them just because of the answer i gave....

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    It was probably someone who was violated for truly asking a stupid or rude question and was upset so they lashed out at an innocent bystander ... that person unfortunately being you :)

    And yes, my dog has a stocking full of raw-hides and toys I made up for her!

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    Someone was offended by the word "dork", becuase of its sexual meaning.

    Most of us interchange "nerd" and "dork"

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    never been violated

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    nope cause i wrap my dogs.

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