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I met this girl... and.....?

Met this girl. We both flirted. Sparks flew. We both had the hots for each other. We were highly attracted to each other physically. Hung out once at the mall. Had a great time. She let me kiss her on the cheeks. We exchanged stories about one another. I told her I had a gf but she still wanted to hang out with me.

5 days later I asked if she wanted to hang out again. However, she texted me back and said ,"I can't"

Then the next day (today) I found out that she was just engaged!

Goodness Gracious! What was going through her mind when she and I flirted? or when she let me kissed her cheeks?

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    you both are quits.

    you have a girlfriend tooo!


    what were YOU thinking?

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    A lot of people find emotional satisfaction in flirting with someone whether they're in a committed relationship or not. Flirting is not necessarily cheating, depending on the relationship and the people involved of course. There's something very powerful and yet lighthearted about meeting someone, flirting, and feeling that attraction, knowing that you are attractive to another person and being attracted to someone else, even without really acting at it.

    Kissing cheeks is not really that risque, in many cultures it's a standard greeting or goodbye.

    Anyway, how are you asking about her and somewhat judgmentally when you yourself had a girlfriend?! That may be a little hypocritical, ya know? What was going through your mind when you were flirting with her and kissing her cheeks? Or were you lying about having a girlfriend? Or do you feel like it's different because your girlfriend and you weren't that serious or something?

    Just accept it as a pleasant flirtatious encounter, wish her luck in her relationship, and look forward to the next opportunity to hit it off with someone just for the sake of the moment!

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    Good question. I don't know but I think that she may have been just enjoying herself at your expense. It might have just been a thrill for her. It is hard to tell without knowing more. A kiss on the cheek is usually just a friendship thing and not a loving thing like a kiss on the lips would be. Maybe that is why she let you kiss her on the cheek. She knew she was going to be engaged and looked at you only as a friend so she let you kiss her on the cheek. I don't know what else to tell you.

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    It sounds like there was something between the two of you. Something that is missing from your relationship and her's. I am totally against cheating, but I think if the person you're with isn't your soulmate you will always be unsettled and looking for that something you don't have. Obviously, you aren't happy in your relationship, so be kind and tell your girlfriend that you want to see other people. There is someone out there who will love and treasure her, if you aren't going to. If you are truly interested in this girl that you just met, you should talk to her and tell her how you feel and ask her how she feels about you and her fiance. It sounds like she needs to do some soul searching as well before she walks down that isle. If someone is satisfied with their partner and their relationship there is no cause to stray. The bottom line is being happy. If someone isn't happy in a relationship they can't make the other person happy. Whether the two of you are meant to be together or not, obviously you aren't meant to be with the person you are with. Good luck.

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    Well, what was going through your mind when you flirted with her, kissed her on the cheeks and hung out at the mall, but you have a girl friend? Are you not happy with your girlfriend?

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    You have misinterpreted her. Basically every girl, has basic sexual instincts. She likes to be touched, kissed, to be ridden by guys. But they will show these instincts only to very close guys, may be one or two. Her lust to get satisfied is driving her. While chosing a life partner, girls are very choosy. They will go for guys with secure jobs or other securities. While choosing boy friends girl will choose guys who are showy. In both these catagories she may not seriously consider the guy who has satisfied her lust. So dont be disheartened, that she left you. It is the basic characteristics of a girl.

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    Your both weak minded and don't really respect your partners. You should tell her man so he doesn't have to put up with a chick like this. You should dump your woman instead of cheating on her, your wasting her time and yours

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    ooh that doesnt sound too good!!! maybe she just isnt completely comfortable to commitment yet. maybe she just hasnt been engaged for that long and wasnt used to not being able 2 flirt? thats what it sounds like at least!

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    ha maybe she just wanted to make sure that she was with the right guy that she got engaged too like making sure thats what she wanted ........she was prolly testing herself and using u as the guine pig ...just a thought

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    If she acted this way with you while she's engaged, she'll more than likely act this way if she was with you.

    Once a ho, always a ho. Put her out of your mind and move on, because she's got issues.

    However, if she comes around again, hit it and quit it.

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    Looks like you guys were'nt very honest with each other, were you ?

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