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Is there any difference between Traditional Chinese - HK and Traditional Chinese - TW?

Could you please give me advice if this makes sense?

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    Different languages. Mandarin is spoken in Taiwan and Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong.

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    The Traditional Hanzi, Chinese character, is almost same. because Taiwan and Hongkong have been addressing the study of Traditional Chinese together after WW2.

    But their colloquial language is different. Hong Kong people speak Cantonese, Taiwan people speak Taiwanese Mandarin.

    The grammer and vocabulary are different.

    Taiwanese Mandarin is simlar to the Mandarin in the mainalnd China in some parts.

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    They are 99% the same but the choice of words in writing the same sentence will vary, especially in some nouns and names.

    Some of this is contributed to the base dialect spoken on the 2 different areas. Hong Kong is 90% cantonese while in Taiwan, it's a split between Taiwanese mandarin and MinNang.

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    Traditional Chinese always refers to the characters. They are written the same way in both Hong Kong and in Taiwan. However, the pronucation in both places would be different - Hong Kong is Cantonese, Taiwan uses Mandarin.

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    If you mean traditional written characters (Han Zi), no, there is no difference. If you mean the languages, then yes there is a difference. Your question makes sense, just specify if you mean traditional characters or the traditional spoken languages. See the link below, top sentence in the second paragraph.

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    In Hong Kong, the majority of people speak Cantonese while in Taiwan, they speak Mandrain.

    As for culture, there is not much difference.

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    hong kong uses cantonese while traditional chinese is mandarin. written wise they are quite similar, except cantonese (which uses traditional chinese characters) have additional characters not found in traditional chinese. these additional characters are derived from spoken cantonese and only used in hong kong.

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    chinese - hk they speak cantonese ( one of biggest dialect in china )

    chinese - tw (they have own dialect too and they write old chinese character

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