are there aliens from outerspace... facts please?

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    Sorry, there are no "facts" in this case.

    So far there is no proof that there are any intelligent beings from other worlds that have visited our planet.

    There is no proof of intelligent beings on other worlds.

    Considering the size of the universe, it is very possible that some do exist, however we have no knowlege of them. Therefore there are no facts.

    There have been odd events that have been attributed to aliens on the planet, but the people making these claims do so without any evidence to support it.

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    I remember getting blind drunk once and, when I came to, I was in my bed totally naked and covered in a green mucas-like liquid. Upon further investigation I found that this sticky liquid was highly acidic. I also found strange bruises on my knees and arms. Scarier still, I had the most horrific headache. It felt as though something was inside my skull burying into my brain.

    I attribute all of this to me being abducted by aliens. I have no memory of what happened after I left the pub so I assume it was at this point I was abducted. They must have planted a probe in my brain and did horrible experiments on me. I am still very shaken about the whole experience but aliens is the only explaination I can give.

    NOTE: For the record, I don't believe in aliens and this story is for satiracle purposes only

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    The only fact, is that it is a possibility. It's possible there is another planet out there close enough to a sun, and also has been hit by a large amount of water and whatnot, that created some form of life on its planet. I definately don't think any aliens have arrived on Earth, or even could really. We are incredibly far away from other galaxies, lifetimes upon lifetimes upoon lifetimes away. Keep in mind any UFO sightings were of course real. UFO is an unidentified flying object, but keep in mind it's possibly a man-made flying object, that you can't identify.

    I was sitting up looking at the stars and discussing the hell scenario of our future (basically either through disease or science us destroying our environment and ourselves), and she told me "at least everything out there is sacred and free from our touch"..

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    Extraterrestrial life is life that may exist and originate outside the planet Earth, the only place in the universe currently known to support life. Its existence is currently purely hypothetical as there is yet no evidence of any other planets that can support life, or actual extraterrestrial life that has been widely accepted by the scientific community. Most scientists believe that if extraterrestrial life exists, its evolution occurred independently, in different places. An alternative hypothesis, held by a minority, is panspermia. This suggests that life could have been created elsewhere and spread across the universe, between habitable planets. These two hypotheses are not mutually exclusive.

    The putative study and theorisation of extraterrestrial life is known as astrobiology or xenobiology. Speculative forms of extraterrestrial life range from sapient beings, to life at the scale of bacteria.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some believe there are, some are skeptical.

    There's many accounts in the Bible and ancient Hindi texts that refer to things that could only be described as technology from another world.

    If you think of the infinity of all of the possiblities of the universe, it's rather arrogant to think that humans are the only intelligent life form in the universe.

    I'm swayed towards "aliens" being interdimensional on some levels moreso than all of them being from another planet.

    Some people believe in God but have never SEEN God...I find it odd that the same people will tell you firmly that there's no such a thing as aliens from another realm.

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    You want facts?

    If we had any facts, then we'd know for sure!

    Now, it is my belief that there are living beings out there.

    I can't for the life of me, understand why some people believe that we're it...!

    Whether you believe in God or not, to think that we're the only living creatures in the entire universe is selfish at best.

    Besides all that, it boils down to the simple conundrum: which came first, the chicken or the egg.

    The point being: how did WE get here?

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    1 decade ago

    I think that there are other lifeforms in the universe besides us. I partially believe that there are "Humanoid" Aliens, but i also believe that the US and other countries are using the UFO story to hide and cover up all their secret experiments and stuff. When I was Ten, I saw a UFO about 100 yards away from me, but who knows.

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    I think their are. When I was about 15, I witnessed a strange large lighted object hovering over a field not 200 yards from our house. It was a magnificent craft, but I have no evidence it was aliens. I'm sure we are in the age when we will see such beings (time travelers or beings from another planet).

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    If there are aliens they wont be from "outerspace" they will be from another planet. To them we are the aliens

  • 1 decade ago

    None that we know about. There may be space aliens, but none has ever visited Earth or been seen or heard from in any way. There are simply no facts available. Except maybe the "fact" that no UFO or alien contact story has ever been confirmed.

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