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i want to be a model but.....?

i want to be a model i am about 5'8 and i weigh 130 i am skinny but i dont want to get any skinnier modeling agencies want girls to be like 5'9 and 105lbs that is not natural at all my bmi is about 19 so i kno those models bmi's are well under 18, i am just afraid that they will think i am thick compared to those other girls, i am a healthy skinny, i have curves, butt, and boobs and u cant see my rib cage like those other girls i am skinny as hell i can imagine what they looks like in person i feel that, that should be beauty if they are gonna portray skinny as the only thing beautiful, i actually think they should consider all womens natural sizes to be beautiful, women are meant to have curves, a woman has hips to give birth to babies!!!! back in the 80's cindy crawford was a healthy skinny now they want you to look like your gonna break in half skinny. so do you think i should try and be a model???

i think there are beautiful people in every shape size and color

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    I completely agree with you, by the way.

    If this is what you absolutely want to do, then go for it. If, however, you're really concerned about weight loss, then don't put yourself through the turmoil of modeling. Unfortunately, because the business caters to the fashion industry, they DO require very thin women, and you WILL likely be asked to lose weight.

    If you think you were meant to model but are worried about the weight loss, you might consider commercial or print work. You could model in catalogs, print ads or commercials. If you flip through a JCPenney catalog, you'll notice that the models are beautiful but not obscenely skinny. An option like that may give you the best of both worlds.

    Whatever you choose, good luck!

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    All that doesn't matter. A model should be naturally beautiful. With some extra make up and accesories you would be absolutely gorgeous. You don't neccesarly have to be "skinny". You just need to be kinda skinny. Hair doesn't matter. You can always wear wigs or something. For height, it depends what you're modeling for. Runway and commercial models are totally different. From what I know I think you have to be at least 5'9 for a runway model. To get started take some pictures of yourself. Include several angles of you face and body. You can get a friend to do it or get it proffesionally done. Find out if there are some modeling agencies near where you live. If they ask money don't do it. They should pay you! There are some that offer classes to. For classes I think they're around $1000. Or you could also try online websites like:

    ^_^ ps. I don't think super skinny models are pretty. Looks like they haven't eating in months.

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    that's the thing with modeling being super skinny. but remember that plus size model from top model a couple seasons ago? she was thick and i mean THICK, but she was a beautiful women who thought she was never going to make it in the industry. but she does modeling now for plus size models. maybe the modeling agency will push you to lose an extra 5, 10 lbs but what can you do? it's either you take it or leave it. but then there are agencys that do take in people who are healthier looking then those people who look like twigs. but i guess it all depends on what kind of modeling you chose to do.

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    Your bmi should even be 20. The reason why I think clothes designers want very skinny models, is because they are unable to dress real women !

    This skinny thing is a fashion, just as stupid as fashions can be.

    But don't discourage yourself : the "Rubens" era will be back !

    P.S. 'got a picture ?

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    if modeling is really want you want to do, don't let anything stop you. like Janice Dickinson, when she was breaking into the model world the was the opposite of all the models, but she became the world's first super model, because she wouldn't give up. people are beautiful in every shape, size and color. like most fashion designers are men, and i don't think they fully understand women bodies. but if modeling is really what you want to do, then go for it. you could end up like Janice and make it big time. you never know until you try.

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    There are modeling jobs for every shape and size. Make sure you use a reputable agency. Never pay up front for portfolio pics. that is a scam. A real agency if interested will do them for you.

    Check out Tyra Banks website.

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    Your fine, you wont be asked to lose more than 4-5 pounds, if you REALLY do have the look facial wise. Not to mention that many agencies around the world are ruling out underweight models on their catwalks.

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    yes don't let super skinny looking models hold you back people can be skinny but still be heatlhy and look good i think only REAL people should be models because people want clothes that they can wear too not just for stick people just try out the modeling and if it doesn't work for you try something else

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  • Don't let any of there standards hold you back. Try what you want to do in life. If you don't succeed just keep on trying.

    Hope I helped!!!

    Have a great day!!!

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    It really comes down to how many directors couches you sleep on love.

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