If you have 1 wireless network, three comps connect to it, the main comp is taking all the power what to do?

Well the question explain all.every one refuses to listen to me and now i RARELY get to go on the internet which when no one of the three is using the comp.What can i do to improve this computer connetions or how can i take all the power.My computer sends more then it can recieves.The recieve line is locked.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Use a advanced wifi network go for 802.11g option

  • 1 decade ago

    Update to a higher speed is one option. Otherwise you set up a local wireless net work in your home or office using those wireless routers availble from companies like Linkys, Belkin etc., This will solve the problem. If still doesnot work return the wireless router to the store you bought and call the customer service support of your wireless network provider.

  • Sagar
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    1 decade ago

    how far is the computer from the wireless router? what kind of router is it? and what range u using like a,b or g?

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