Do you think that the people who oppose Gay Marriage, have ancestors who opposed Civil Rights?

To me, the whole gay marriage issue is pretty clear. It's about prejudice, and discrimination. Just like in the 1950's, people use the bible to justify their bigotry. Back then it was bigotry towards minorities. Now, it's bigotry towards homosexuality.

Do you guys agree?

Of course, the bible shouldn't have any influence on politics anyway........

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    Think what you want on gay marriage. Every time it comes up on a ballot, it is defeated. It has happened 24 times.

    Marriage is not a right. No one is entitled to get married. That is the problem with liberals like you. You have no idea what rights are. You feel you are entitled to whatever you want because you want it.

    I do not have to defend my positions.

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    First of all the principal may be the same but other than that they are two different questions. First of all this nation was established as a Christian nation, The Constitution never one time says, separation of church and state anywhere. The phrase separation of church and state is a phrase that Thomas Jefferson used in a letter to the Baptist leaders, look it up. The bill of rights amendment 1 says, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. This was written because as you know in the days of merry Ole' England, it didn't matter if you were Christian, if you were not a certain denomination you would be beheaded. It also says the free exercise thereof. You also said, back then it was bigotry towards minorities, but nowadays, the minority is using its power to push the majority around. The majority cant believe or express what they want to express without offending the minority. Just like in Florida, a teacher took down the American flag because she was afraid it would offend a Muslim, one Muslim, who went to school there. Or stores removing Christmas, and the salvation army because it might offend someone. It offends me that Homosexuals will be able to get the same treatment as a man and woman. Men and Women have been married since the beginning of time. Certain male and female birds and animals stay together for life. So after thousands of years, we as a society are just going to allow it? What about the people, or roommates, or friends who just want to commit fraud by getting married. Have you or the other people thought about people committing fraud and legalities like that? If they are in love, let them be in love, but leave marriage for a man and a woman.

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    I agree 100%...and the whole "if we lets gays marry, what's next? dogs?!" argument is sooo old...please come up with something new. It's exactly like the civil rights movement! Think of it as an analogy : when black people wanted to ride on the bus, whites wouldn't let them, they wanted to preserve the "sanctity" of the bus! But white people were spitting out their gum on the bus, and pissing on the floor of the bus, and vandalizing it....but the black people really wanted to get on the bus, they respected the bus, they loved the idea of the bus...would it really be that bad to let them on the bus? Would it really be that bad to allow people who want to get married be married? Aren't straight people destroying the sanctity of marriage already? Don't we vandalize and dishonor it by cheating on spouses, abusing eachother, marrying for the wrong reasons, divorcing eachother and suing for stuff like crazy? Don't 50% of marriages between straight people end in divorce already? Could the sancitity of marriage be in any worse shape?!

    If you subtract religion from this argument (which has no place in our LAWS, by the way...) then there is nothing wrong with two people who love eachother getting married!!

    People have the need to feel better than eachother...that's why whites wanted to keep blacks down, to feel superior. The vast majority of men want to keep women down, to feel superior. And now many heterosexuals want to keep homosexuals down...again, to feel superior.

    Source(s): Equality for all humans, regardless of their religious beliefs, sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, or anything else!! Isn't that the law?!
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    Civil Right and "gay marriage" do not have anything to do with one another.

    Our laws say that marriage is 1 man and 1 woman. Not 2 men or 2 women.

    Where does it stop? Now this man wants to marry that man, next this man wants to marry that man and those two women and after that it will be this man wants to marry that man and a dog and a horse.

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    I do not agree, sex is to procreate so maybe the first time a man gets pregnant from his homosexual relationship it will turn the tide in your favor.


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    straights don't need gays

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