Is not it harmful to eat carrot for a diabetic patient?

The taste of carrot is sweet. But some are arguing that diabetic patients can eat carrot as normal human beings who are not diabetic.

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    Eat all the carrots you want, just include them in your diabetic diet. 10% veg as I recall.

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    4 years ago

    Alcohol and diabetes are a tricky combination. Particularly for someone with type 1. Alcohol may cause hypoglycemia in people with type 1 diabetes. But if you are aware of this, you can drink responsibly. I'd suggest a test for you to see how your body handles wine. On an empty stomach test your sugar, drink a small glass of wine, test again in an hour, in two, in three. What happened? Did your blood sugar rise or fall? The thing a diabetic must realize is that symtoms of being tipsy from booze and feeling light headed from hypoglycemia are exactly the same!! Someone in a diabetic coma looks just like someone who is passed out from getting drunk. A diabetic person, therefore, can not take the risk of excess alcohol. Enjoy a glass of wine or a beer when watching the game, but do so with responsibility and caution and then monitor your sugar very very closely.

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    All vegetables including carrots are good for diabetics and everyone. Corn is also sweet but it can be also eaten. Diabetics nowadays can even have sugar in place of aspertaine which is proven not to be good for you.

    I know I am a diabetic and carrots are some of my favourite veggies as are corn and sweet potatoes.

    It's the foods that make one's glucose go up quickly that are bad for you,most carbs etc.

    Source(s): GI Diet, Canadian Diabetes Association
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    Carrots are medium Glycaemic Index foods, that means that while they do not release the sugar content and carbohydrates too fast, they dont do it too slowly either.

    So while I do not know what 'theory/study' you are referring to, I think it is pretty safe for diabetics to indulge in carrot eating in MODERATIOn especially since carrots have a iron and beta-carotene in them too.

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    Just coz it tastes sweet doesn't mean it's full of sugar, hon. Carrots are great for you, diabetic or not.

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    it has less sugars

    so if u r well controlled

    or mildly diabetic

    it may help ur sweeth tooth

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    go to a doctor to ask this question because if someone give you the wrong answer and you follow it, something might happen

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