Microsoft Powerpoint?

How do I save a powerpoint slide (background picture, words....everything on the slide) so I can transfer it to a word document as a picture?

I know how to place a picture on Word so do not give me instructions on that.

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    -Make sure you are in "normal view" or in "slide sorter view"

    -then right click on the slide you want to copy

    -click copy

    -go to you word doc

    -right click where you want the slide

    -click paste

    then you can play with it from there too if you have any minor changes to the slide.


    you might want to try the "print screen" method

    -press and hold ctrl and then press "print screen"

    that should copy the screen you are looking at onto your clipboard

    -the paste it onto your word doc.

    -then crop the photo

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    OK... that should be pretty easy... First of all, do not view the presentation as a slideshow... when you are on the view mode where it shows u the slides separately on the left and the zoomed individual slides on the right, click on the slide that u wanna copy and select ctrl+A or ctrl +c... then as u know, just open a word document and paste it... ctrl + v. That should work...

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    You can do a File > Save As, and save as a .gif or .jpg. It will give you the option to export all slides or just 1 slide to a graphic file.

    Then, you insert the Picture you just created into your Word document. The advantage of this approach is that it will keep your Word file size under control. Copy and paste will blow up your file size much more.

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    press "alt" and the "prt scrn" keys at the same time. This will give you a screen capture of the active window. Open a Word document and click the "paste" button or press ctrl and v at the same time to paste the screen capture into the document.

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    just go to file and save as. then when you open it again copy and when you get to microsoft word click past.but you have to highlight the picture too and click edit copy and when you get to the word doucument go to edit and then click paste. put me on best answer please!

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