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what kind of algae eater best with goldfish?

I have goldfish's and I need a good algae eater that I can put up with them? the last time I had was a chinese algae eater and I think it kills all of my fish (stupid petshop!)

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    Algae eaters don't belong with goldfish. Most algae eaters (plecos, otos, etc) prefer warmed temperatures of around 75-78F. Goldfish, being coldwater, need more like 65-71F.

    The Chinese Algae Eater probably didn't kill your fish, but they can be quite aggressive as adults. I recently had to give a 6" one away because he was chasing all my fish. Once they get more than a few inches long, they stop eating algae, anyway.

    If you're having an algae problem, try to fix the problem at the source. Reduce your photoperiod (the amount of time that your tank gets light). Do not overfeed (algae thrives off of excess nutrients in the water). Keep up with weekly 30% water changes to remove nitrates. Make sure that your filtration is powerful - goldfish, being the poop machines that they are, need about 20 gallons of water EACH, and even then need powerful filtration to remove all the ammonia produce.

    And yes, unfortunately you can't listen to petstores... most of the time they hinder more than help -.-

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    Some plecos are okay to keep with Goldfish, some arnt. Most important thing to remember is NO COMMON PLECOS! They get too big and they'll suck the slime coat off your GF, which they need to help protect them from disease. Safe plecos to keep with your goldfish include bristlenose and rubbernose/mouth (not sure which one it is). As I understand it, both are small breeds and won't harm your existing goldfish. Dojo loaches I've heard sometimes do the job but it's hit or miss... one thing to remember with dojos though is that they're MAJOR escape artists. Every opening to the tank should be covered

    Also! Live bearers are NOT a good idea as most are tropical and need warmer water than GF require (some people need to do their research) AND the only way to have enough of them to truly clean your tank is to WAY overstock as most are quite small.

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    none, all the algae eaters and plecos will harm or kill your goldfish

    if you have a problem with algae then reduce the amount of light your tank receives

    Source(s): goldfish breeder 35 yrs
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    Plecostomos are good fish to put with... just about anything.

    Plec's usually require 20+ gallons for themselves,though. So add that to the 10-30 gallons per goldfish...

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    A medium sized Pleco would do fine. Also try livebearers (guppies, mollies, etc.) They are really good algae eaters provided you keep enough of them.

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    a sucking catfish, as long it doesn't get bigger than the goldfish. snails are good too (if you live in an area where you're allowed to keep them).

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    you should keep sucker cat or cat fish one or the same thing.sucker cat cleans the tank and doesn't even harms any fish .

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    Snails, they are cheap and will clear up your tank

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    any kind of algae or go to a wal-mart and ask questions.

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    Here is a list of them all, http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/comfish.html

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