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give me some tips on how to spit game to agirl?

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    I know all about spittin' game, son!

    Rule 1. Women LOVE to be called bi.tches and ho's.

    Rule 2. If you're out somewhere, and an attractive girl walks by you, tug on her shirt or grab her azz and say, "hey baby, you wanna get wit dis?"

    Rule 3. If a woman turns you down, it's because she's a prude with sand in her vag00. She will die a lonely spinster, and this shouldn't bother you.

    Rule 4. Set your cell phone ring tone to whatever's #1 on Cingular's most popular ringtone list, and make sure someone calls you just as you start talking to a girl. Answer your phone, and then completely disregard the woman's presence. She'll be so awed by the fact that you're so important you don't care whether or not she's interested that she'll probably invite you back to her place for "drinks"

    Rule 5. ????

    Rule 6. PROFIT!

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    Man, don't spit game. just be yourself. You can't spit the same game for the rest of your life. After awhile it's going to get old. And if she doesn't want you for you then you don't need her.

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    Sounding educated is a start. Who wants someone who sounds like they have no future? Unless you are only looking for a hood rat.

  • What in the world is the spittin' game?

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    Just start singing 2 of Akons songs, start off with "SMACK THAT!" then go into "I WANNA F U!" that always works

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    start by learning how to talk! then once you have mastered that you shouldn't have any problems. Good Luck!

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    Speak to her and pull her to the side....ask her whats her name,compliment her.....ask if she has a bf or husband....if she says shes single get her number.....

  • 1 decade ago

    y u need advice on dat?

    r u still a rookie or beginner?


  • 1 decade ago

    slap her and say 'you's my hoe. you down foxy mamma'

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What????? Are you talking trash or is this some new language all your own????

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