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How can I get a Credit card number?

I have been asked by Usafi Organisation, but I dont have any and I really want my dream to come true because they gave me a chance to choose my Chrismas gift. so help me to get a car so that my dream to be true.

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    Don't worry, it's actually quite easy. You have to go to a bank (whichever you want and about which you have heard very good things) and ask for a credit card application sheet. You will fill in that sheet with all your data and return it in the same place. You will probably have the credit card (and with it, your number) in between 2-7 days, depending on the bank. Sure, you can have it done first virtually if you can't wait that long (a week). Good luck!

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    fill out a credit card application

  • Anonymous
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    look on your credit card. It is a sixteen digit number.


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