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How can I hold my umbrella so it doesn't flip inside out?

I'm absolutely SICK of walking down the street with my umbrella whilst it is raining and a gust of wind almost lifts me up like mary poppins except the frame of my umbrella can't handle the stress so it flips inside out, ruining the umbrella. HOW CAN I HOLD IT SO I DON'T FEEL LIKE LESS OF A PERSON WHEN IT FLIPS? I HATE MYSELF WHEN IT FLIPS. I WANT TO FLY LIKE MARY POPPINS.

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    invest in a good umbrella i would buy 2 dollar umbrellas an they would do te same thing once i bought a really good one that cost more money i dont have those issues, bu i think now days people makes stuff poorly so they can break easily and then people have to buy more of it, better way to make money i guess

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    Hold your umbrella slightly down and face the top towards the wind.

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    NO! listen gravity and your weight,will tear the umbrella and also it would slow you down but you would still die!(actually it depends on the fall or how high the building is) well....JUST DON'T DO IT MAN!!!

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    Hold it towards the wind(The direction in which your walking)and since your a chicken,you should be able to fly.

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