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can anyone teach me how to use limewire basic?

limewire basic users please teach me how to use it. i used morpheus but some songs i like cant be download cause it highlights to red then directly opens a window to i've downloaded limewire before but i cant understand it. i search the song then try to download it but i dont even know if it is downloading. how can i know if its downloading or not. nothing happens i already read the limewire basic instructions still dont get it. need help pls...


its really weird cause i should know how to use this for i know how to use morpheus and they're just like the same. i understand the ins.well but my problem is how can i know that the song file is processing and is downloading. yes, it would appear at the bottom but it doesnt. funny thing,maybe its not fuctioning.

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    double click on the file you want to download, or right click download. If it goes to you'll have to go back and pick a different one (its happened to me a few times) once you starty downloading something it should appear at the bottom of the search page. just a tip - when you pick the one you want to download, try to pick one that has a number next to it, these have a better chance of downloading quicker and you wont get that annoying Need More Sources thing.

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    Just search the file you want and set the category then click on search then download the file you want

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    you need to be an administor

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