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Why do I see a lot of questions like the following from the UK?

If you are on the US Yahoo Answers,UK questions come accross every once in a while. You see a lot of questions about directions like: "How do I get from Stoke-on-Trent to Leeds?" or "How do I get from Mumbles, in Wales, to Oxford?" The ones I realy enjoy are like the following "know any good pubs in Glasgow?" Really, it is just a curiosity because I don't see a lot of "locale" related questions in the US, or maybe I just don't notice them and I am just picking up on the exotic.

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    It's because we know how to use mappy and via michelin in England, whereas Americans don't...

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    There's a good pub near the Firth of Forth near First Ave and Fourth St across the First Firth Bridge

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    Don't you think that maybe people are just curious about the UK; so are just asking questions ? Sure looks like it to me. cheers

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    because the UK is smaller so people in it are more likely to have answers to locale questions

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