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Should I go with Vick or Grossman? Addai or Rhodes?

It's championship week!

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    Tough call at QB. I'd actually stick with Grossman. He still has something to prove and I think they will let him play the whole game. Detroits D is brutal and he should be fine. Vick is too up and down and in a championship week, cant be trusted.

    At RB: I looks like there is a chance Addai wont go. Rhodes is an easy choice if thats the case. Even if Addai does go, I'd still go with Rhodes as I'm sure they'll want to keep Addai fresh for the playoffs. I think he'll get more touches either way. If possible, stay away from this RB situation all together and choose a bench player......depending on who you have. Good luck

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    Definantly Go with Grossman over Vick. Vick has struggled alot this year. Grossman even on a bad preformance still will get you more points. As for your RB, I would have to go with Rhodes only because Addai has injuries. Good luck

  • Matt P
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    Vick has a strained groin, and even though he''ll play, he probably wont run much, and thats the reason most people start him, the fact that hes putting up RB stats AND QB stats. so go with Grossman for sure, i think he'll have a solid productive game, think between 175-225 yards passing and 2 tds, as the bears will use the run to set up the pass.

    Addai is hurt so i'll start Rhodes, even if they both end up playing, they'll both get good stats as they're playing Houston, so play it safe and start Rhodes. the last thing u want on championship week is 0 points for a guy who missed a game with an injury. always avoid players that are game time decsions during championship week.

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    Both QBs are unpredictable. I like Vick between the two. Even if he isn't passing well, he may get a TD on the ground. As for Rhodes vs. Addai, that's tough too. I guess Addai because it sounds like his injury isn't so bad.

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    Absolutely Vick, a little banged up but a must win. Having everything wrapped up they might sit Grossman at half who knows.

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    vick and addai

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