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If God know's everything before it happens then its safe to say...?

He created the Devil knowing Full well everything that the Devil would do before he did or does it? Therefore...In order to allow evil you have to Create it right? Since God is the Creator of everything...then he Created Evil right?

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    Wow that is quite true,but maybe God also knew that his part in that whole thing and he also must have know that someday some one is going to realize what he did. He also must have known about temptation and it's place in the world and maybe that is why we need the Devil.


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    By your reasoning, I can find no flaw. I don't think god creates anyone with the idea of being good or evil. It seems to be the basis of free will that after creation one decides how to live their own lives. He is aware of the possibilities and that we may choose to be whatever we want, even evil. A mother gives birth to a child but even though she tries her best, she's never sure if the child will grow up with the same values as she has. That's life's mystery. Your road is not predetermined. The choice is ours to make. Is god aware that some of us will be evil, I'm sure. He is the creator in this scenario and thus created evil, war, sin, and injustice, but we are the ones who choose to be that way. If we were not evil, then no evil was created. I hope that makes sense. Either way cheers.

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    and why does God not like Bangledish or the Sudan or Somalia or Ethiopia? What have those people done to suffer so greatly?

    Why did he allow the tsunami in Indonesia? Those people had so little from the get go?

    questions these are the questions

    if He is all powerful, why doesn't he take the devil down and remove ALL evil and suffering?

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    been there, done that. MANY, MANY cultures belief that Lucifer (or whatever name he goes by) was the angel most trusted and loved by G-d, given a difficult task and doing it out of love for the Most High. however, many other cultures believe that the devil is the incorrect personification of a dual battles of selves in each human.

    Also, evil is a social construct. Oh, there's some general themes that cross time and culture but there are somethings that are considered evil now that weren't centuries ago, and this will be true centuries from now

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    That would seem logical.

    Let's put it to you this way. You have a son. You know he's going to do wrong, right? So you did wrong by having your son?

    In the case of Satan, I believe God created him with the intent of Satan serving Him. Satan in turn wanted to be God. He tried to overthrow the Kingdom of God and rule Heaven. Well, God is all powerful.

    If you say, "God has done evil, then the truth is not in you!" Why? Because the Bible states God doesn't sin and therefore is incapable of evil.

    You need to study with someone that studies the Bible more deeply.

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    God created the world like someone creates a video game. Every video game has at least some evil in it. And God's world is complicated. Just because he created it doesn't mean he's an expert at playing it. Also it has bugs. Like a lot of video games, it doesn't play exactly like its creator intended. It actually turned out to be a very quirky world. But he still likes to play it, especially when he's bored.

    His mom hates the world. She thinks he spends too much time at it. We're lucky she loves him, because if she got mad and took his world away from him, we might cease to exist.

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    Isaiah 45:5 "I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God. I will gird you, though you have not known Me; 6 That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun That there is no one besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other, 7 The One forming light and creating darkness, Causing well-being and creating evil; I am the LORD who does all these.

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    Yes. God created Evil to test us. We do not have to fall into the temptation, but so many of us do. Your question is much like asking if a teacher created a test. The answer is Yes, He created Evil.

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    He also created many things and people that cause evil. He created you and you could kill many people if you wanted to (before getting caught of course). He knows people will create evil but that's the way it goes, a true balance to test the faith. Ever heard of Ying & Yang? It's a pretty cool philosophy, check it out sometime.

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    I believe he created everything and wanted to love it. In order to love something you've got to let it be on it's own (free will) if he didn't give all the beings free will he could just command the beings to love him and yet I doubt would be satisfied with that.

    So, he created beings that use their free will for good and some for evil. It is their ultimate choice.

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    As I understand the story, Lucifer was an angel prior to falling from grace due to personal choice based on greed. It is the personal choice you are leaving out of your equation. God created all things good, but instilled within them the freedom to choose. The choice is to put God first, or to put self first. By choosing to put self first WE create all sorts of evils. So your question might better be stated as "Why did God give us free choice?" My answer to that is "I don't know". Someday I may ask him. Of course by then I will probably already know.

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