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Is there a Philadelphia Eagles sports bar in Sacremento, CA?

My son just relocated there and is a diehard Birds fan. He'd love to be able to watch the Xmas Day game between the Birds and Cowgirls with other Eagles fans. Can anyone help me/us out with info?

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    Go to this site, and follow directions, there are a few places in Cali that caters to Eagle Fan

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    An Eagels Sports bar in Sacramento. Almost no chance in hell. Ussualy sports bars dedicated just to one team are only in or around that city. But every major city has several sports that will show the game. In a place like sacremento you wll probably find a more neutral crowd. Although Cowboys fans ussualy are the rule over Eagles fans ... thank god for that.

  • stan l
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    There are not too many people outside of Philly that give a damn about the Eagles.

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    Sports bar n0

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    Yeah it's a gay bar. Kock-knockers The Eagles suck

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