If you knew all there was to know of God's wisdom, would you be on here, yahoo's A/Q or....?

...or do you think you'll be doing something more important to God's will? or do you think Yahoo answers and questions is important enough? if you had that kind of Wisdom, lol, and do you think anyone would believe you?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No no one would believe you. I will be frank. I came on Yahoo! answers to clarify my own beliefs, to sort them out in my mind. I also thought I might be helpful to someone with a sincere question. What I have gotten from this forum IS clearer sight about what I believe, I have helped a few people in their quest and I have gotten over an extreme animosity toward Christians. Now I feel I have little to offer this forum and am about finished here.

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    there are many reason for people coming on here. I can only speak of my reasons. I feel compelled to speak to one person on here. As for having a affect on others on here...I really doubt I will. But I share words while I wait for my reasons for being here. The second reason I am on here was to understand the different religion and unbelievers. I have gained a great deal of their thoughts and reasons for being where they are. So I have gained even if I have not given much.

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    If I had all Gods wisdom then I would be God and thats ridiculous, but we can share our life`s wisdom with others on this forum and sometimes that helps others.

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    1 decade ago

    No... we wouldn't.......


    It is like a day.....

    Let's say I am 40 years old..... in all my years... if I had all those days at one time...... and know all that there is to handle in a day by all that I have gone through in all my years, my 40 years of good, anxiety, bad, happiness, sadness, dispair, love, pain, birth, deaths, changes, growth, step forwards, and steps backward, would be too much for me to bare...... It would certainly kill me in my mortal state......

    Your sister,


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