What is the best bank in Texas?

After dealing with Compass Bank for over a year and them nickle and diming me to death I would like to change banks, I'm just unsure which bank would be the best to go with. I would prefer a bank that has excellent on-line banking services as I am a very busy person and use my debit card frequently. Compass Bank has (in my opinion) the worst of any online banking system I've seen, it seems they only update your information every 3-7 days and not instantly like other banks I've used and use. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't think it is possible to find the BEST bank, but I have had a REALLY good experience with Bank of America over the past three + years. It could change tomorrow, but so far so good.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I can't help but cringe that so many would say Bank of America. Want to talk about Nickel and Diming? Bank of America is notoriously the WORST for incidental and ridiculous fees. You have many options for no fee banking in Texas.

    If you are in the military or live in Bexar County (San Antonio), USAA is notoriously the lowest fee bank there is. www.usaa.com.

    - USAA has Free ATM use Worldwide (BoA only if you use their atm)

    - cash rewards or point rewards (for merchandise) for your credit purchases using your debit card w/ no annual fee

    - if you get a USAA credit card you can combine points between the debit and credit card to cash in towards merchandise, airline tickets, cash back, etc

    - Free Web Bill Pay with payments guaranteed on time or USAA pays up to 50.00 in late fees.

    - no monthly service fee (BoA will charge a service fee if you do not have Direct Deposit)

    - a Checking account that pays interest (BoA doesn't do it)

    - Free checks forever (BoA doesn't do this either)

    Your debit card purchases are posted on the USAA website within seconds of their going through, you can transfer funds, deposit funds from another debit or credit card, order checks, order deposit slips, order envelopes, order a replacement debit card, update FREE overdraft protection, and alot of other things on the website. USAA has stated several times that their goal is to make sure their banking customers can perform all transactions on their website, and they are certainly getting there!

    I guess since those are the features of my bank account it causes me to be so opposed to Bank of America. They aren't the standard of anything but poor customer service, fees for no reason, and terrible business practices. They are, without a doubt, just as bad as Compass if not worse.

    Unfortunately USAA is a private bank and focuses on military, military dependants, and those people living in Bexar county, so if you don't qualify under one of those umbrellas you might not be able to open an account with them.

    If that's the case I would look at IBC. I've had a nice experience with them in the past. There are many credit unions that have appealing online services as well. I have already made this answer so long so I apologize for not giving you any other options if you cannot use USAA.

    Source(s): I bank at USAA!
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  • 1 decade ago

    Bank of America has been rated the best for online banking.

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