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A friend of mine has a baby that is about 8 or 9 months old. Last week she had a horrible bought with the flu. She was in and out of the ER for vomiting and fear of dehydration. She thinks the flu has passed, but now she says that the baby seems to lose energy and appetite in the afternoon and is not eating as much as she should. The baby has also developed an oval shaped bump on her forehead. The mother said it doesn't hurt the baby to touch it, and the bump feels "squishy" - she thought it might be a cyst of some sort. The baby has now had X-Rays and a CAT scan done of this "bump" but the Dr's are saying now it is probablly a bruise. However, there is no color to it.. it's not purple or blue or any color but flesh. Don't bruises have a color? The mother says she just feels like something isn't right with the baby b/c of the low energy in the afternoon. Any idea's what this bump could be? Could it be a cyst? or is it really just a bruise??


First of all, she HAS sought medical advice - obviously as I'm sure she doesn't have an X-Ray machine nor a CAT scan in her home. The DOCTORS said it was a bruise she just feels like it could be more because she said the baby isn't back to her normal "self". and NO - we are not lesbians. AND, even if we were who cares?? Please do not answer if you just want to hear yourself talk.

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    Depending on how high, and for how long, she had fever, its probably all related to that.

    Anything over 102 for a long duration of time, that doesnt like to stay down with tylenol or ibuprophin is detramental to your health. It can even turn into rhumatic fever (her's didnt, or she would have had a bacterial infection and not a viral flu infection) which damages your heart for life.

    A lot of the time fevers are good, and theyre a great way for our bodies to gain the upper hand against a virus or infection, but fevers that the body cannot control because they are so high for such a long period of time, are like the last attempt of the immune system to destroy whatever its fighting. At the cost of its own antiviruses and white blood cells.

    These sorts of fevers are exhausting. They drain your body of all is reserves. Especially an infant. Remember that her body, in the course of just one day, grows an enormous amount, and growing is very very energy consuming. If she cant eat, cant drink, and is also fighting the flu, you can imagine what that does to her system.

    Fevers also cause welts, hives, blisters, cysts, even pustuals. Often AFTER the fever had broken and things are starting to get better. Sores in the mouth are more common than on the skin, but both can happen.

    I'd say that she probably needs a complex infant vitamin (talk to her doctor first of course) and a couple weeks of MINIMAL activity. Keep her home, keep her meals ready for her, maybe even try some pediasure or go back to formula if she's on milk.

    If she's so exhausted in the late afternoon, so much so that she cannot seem to eat as she should, then she needs to nap either at that time, or shortly before, and be woken to feed later in the evening... or even a couple night time feedings if she demands them.

    Obviously you dont want to set this up as her new patter of behavior, but some alloweneces have to be made for sickness.

    I'd also say that if that bump on her head doesnt get smaller, or show signs of positive change within the next 3-5 days, you should take her in to a dermatologist, or atleast a different set of doctors.

    If she's still not acting any better in that amount of time, I would go back to her vaccines and see what she's recently been given (if there was anything within 2 weeks of her getting sick), and discuss those things with her doctor. And maybe a second and third doctor.

    Those would be my thoughts on it. Especially since her scans are looking good. You might suggesting having her cell count taken. That might be useful in ruling out other problems as well. :)

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    First of all, I would get a second opinion from a different pediatrician from a different office. Doctors can and do make mistakes and when in doubt about something like this, get a 2nd opinion. Case and point, my co-workers son is autistic. It took a 2nd opinion to diagnose this 2 years late because their normal pediatrician said everything is fine.

    Second, keep lots and lots of fluid in the baby, as long as he/she is having diapers full of pee and regular bowel movements AND acting happy and normal like all babies do then you are ok here. If there is something wrong with the baby, generally the baby will let you know by being fussy and cranky and crying lots and lots. If the baby is smiling and happy and cooing then you are ok.

    As for the bump, if the x-rays and CT Scans are not showing the doctors anything then it probably is just a bump. My daughter smacked her head HARD at 8mos when she literally ran into the door jam. There was a massive knot on her head for a week. It did not start bruising until 3-4 days after this happened. It also did not hurt her to touch it. Still, get the 2nd opinion and be sure.

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    I always thought that bruises had color because a bruise is bleeding under the skin, therefore you would see it purple or blue, I have never seen a flesh bruise. Maybe she should get a second opinion about that. And reguarding the flu, maybe the baby isnt totally over it, my daughter had the flu when she was about 9 months old and it took her a little while to get back to her old self. Good luck

    Source(s): mommy of 15 month old daughter and trying for another baby
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    Since you have taken the baby to see a doctor and it sounds like you are not totally confident with what the doctor told you then go see another doctor. There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion. If both doctors say the same thing then you can rest assure that they are probably right. You babies health important and as a mom you know if your baby is not acting normal. Heck if it takes her seeing 10 doctors to make her confident in what they say it is worth it for your baby. Don't just assume the first doctors is right, he may have missed something, I know it is horrible to think about but it happens, they are human.

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    if deep enough there may not be bruising. or it could just be a soft tissue injury. having had tests done that didn't show anything then its probably ok.

    viruses in babies can take a couple weeks to fully recover from. the lack of energy and apetite i wouldn't be to concerned with yet. there are some pretty nasty things going around this year that are taking time to get over.

    just as long as he stays well hydrated it shoudlnt be a problem

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    a bruise, also called a contusion, does not always have color to it. as for the low energy, it may just be time to start giving her next stage foods. when my two sons started acting lethargic, the doctor advised a diet change. that helped a lot!!

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    First, you and your friend know the baby has an ailment, so it can't be an unknown ailment anymore.

    You both seem to have assumed it to be all sorts of this and that disease. Seek professional advice so that you can get a better picture of the problem and act accordingly!

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