Glucose Test Results?

My dr. called me this morning and she was telling me about how she got my glucose test results back, which suprised me becuase i just took the test on wend.

but anyways, i knew i was borderline anemic and now she called in some prescription for iron pills because ive gone completly anemic, but the other one was confussing, she said something about hemoglobin counts being low??? hemoglobin is blood right??? she said i scored a 10, and they like the numbers to be in the teens, but i didnt get what she was trying to say, and she really rushed me on the phone, so now im left confussed and wondering whats going on with my body...please somebody help!!!

btw, could she have just gotten the other test that were done back if she didnt even mention anything about diabeties???


oh...with the iron thing, she said the normal range is in the 40's and mine was only 20...but when i went and got my fingered pricked i got a whole nother answer

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    It means that you are most likely Hypoglycemic. Your pancreas produces too much insulin and makes your blood sugars too low. Eat more carbs, like whole grain cereals and breads, but stay away from candy if you can. My ex-boss is Hypoglycemic and her doctor told her that since her pancreas is working so hard that she has a higher chance of becoming diabetic when she is older.

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    Others have answered the hemoglobin question, it has to do with your anemia.

    She might not have received the results of the other test back yet. A lot of labs will run initial screenings of blood in a matter of hours, but running four tubes (glucose test) and interpreting the results can take a few days. I wouldn't worry about that just yet.

    As anemia can have serious effects on the body, I'm sure that's why the Dr. called about those results with out having ALL of the results for you.

    Make sure that you get enough B vitamins, I know they are in your prenatal, but might want to take some extra B-complex. The B's help your body absorb the iron supplements and use them more efficiently.

    Source(s): Worked at a major Medical testing facility. Have family members with anemia (about the B's).
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    Arighty well hemaglobin is a protein containg iron and its carried by red blood cells. Hemaglobin are what oxygen attach to so it can get oxygen from your lungs to the other places in your body. Normal value for a female is usually about 14. So yea you are anemic, so when a person has low hgb count it could lead to the tissue not getting enuff oxygen and thats why you are on iron. Iron molecules are used to carry oxygen molecules they can hold up to four oxygen ions. Any how 2/3 of body iron is from hemoglobin..iron not being replaced lead to reduced production of hemoglobin hence the relationship between low iron and low hemoglobin.

    Maybe she didn't mention diabetes because you do not have it.. they like to check for gestational diabetes (pregnant diabetes) in pregnant women for the safety of mother and child.

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    I can only answer the last part of your question since I have no clue on the rest. Yes, if she didn't mention anything about diabetes, and you know she got the results back, you are more than likely in the clear. Yes, hemoglobin is blood, but I don't know what the count being low means.

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    Glucose and hemoglobin are totally separate. If she was testing you for diabetes, your sugar/glucose should be below 120 at any point of testing for you not to qualify as "diabetic."

    The hemoglobin is a sign of anemia...low iron. Take an iron supplement along with your prenatal vitamins and eat foods rich in iron...potatoes, green leafy veggies, red meat, cereals with extra iron. Do it for baby!!!

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    i've got faith your discomfort. I basically found out at present that I failed the a million hour attempt besides (i replaced into at a hundred and fifty), and that i'm low on iron (33.6). I consume nicely and workout on a daily basis. surely, I consume much less sugar products now that i'm pregnant, and at 24 weeks, i've got in basic terms gained approximately 3 pounds! So, i'm tremendously bummed besides, especially because i for my area wish to have a organic delivery with little/no interventions, and what i'm examining approximately this pending prognosis seems to coach that i might ought to combat an uphill conflict with fetal monitering, early hard paintings induction, and available caesarian with a 'intense threat' label positioned on me. even nonetheless i've got faith greater suitable than I even have ever in my existence! good success to you on your 3 hour attempt, I even have mine the next day and want that this all seems to be no longer something besides. I understand your frustration as somebody who additionally takes their well being heavily. BTW - I used to take this fantastic iron supplement that i'll start back now. it quite is noted as Floradix formulation via Salus and could be got here upon at maximum well being food shops. it quite is a yummy tasting juice it relatively is extremely absorbable and does not reason constipation or iron overload. incredibly counseled via each and every woman that has used it!

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    haemaglobin is the red cells in your blood,that carry the oxygen round your body,10 is low normal for women 12 to 14,so make sure you take your iron tablets otherwise you will need a top up transfusion towards the end of your pregnancy

    Source(s): nurse
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