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what will happen if we put diesel in petrol engine and vice versa?

describe its affect on the working of the engines.

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    1) I know a slightly confused lady who started to put diesel in her petrol car. It needed to be towed away, completely drained and rinsed. I believe that if she had started the engine, it would have damaged it beyond repair.

    2) I started to put unleaded petrol into my diesel car by mistake, shortly after we had bought it. The advice from our breakdown group was "if it's up to 1 part of petrol to 7 of diesel, that's okay, just run it until the tank is nearly empty, then refill". But with more than that proportion of petrol, the car will not work, so the tank needs drained. In this case I do not know whether trying to make it work with too much petrol will cause any damage.

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    Just comparing the two in chemical and physical properties, I would predict (I have no real way of knowing without actually doing it, or seeing it done.) that both engines would not work properly. Diesel fuel has a 15 percent higher combustion energy than that of petrol. This means that if you put it in an engine designed for use with only petrol, you could overwork the engine, and cause permanent damage. Also, diesel fuel also contains much more sulfur in it. If the engine does not become overworked by the added energy, I would predict that fuel system would be much dirtier, and really degrade the fuel economy of the car ( the fuel filter clogging up much faster, for example.)

    As far as the reverse case, it would be just that, reversed. The diesel engine would not have the proper energy necessary to run under normal conditions, and therefore in my opinion would not run. However, It would be cleaner.

    Honestly, I have no idea what would happen. These are just some educated guesses. Hope it helps

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    Petrol in a diesel engine - Nothing*, there are no spark plugs in a diesel engine

    Diesel in a petrol engine - The injectors and generally the whole engine will be clogged up because diesel is alot thicker

    EDIT: Ok let me define nothing - You will turn the key and it will just tick over, NOT start. Diesel in a diesel engine ignites because when it is forced through very small holes it ignites on its own, petrol doesn't. Therefore you dont need any spark plugs in a diesel engine which you do in a petrol engine so the petrol will just sit in the cylinders.

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    Diesel in a petrol engine will work very poorly, if at all, and will smoke excessively.

    Petrol in a diesel engine will probably cause the heads to blow off- very violently. Not a good idea.

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    Your engine will either A: Seize up or B: Blow Up

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    sounds like a trip to the tip is coming up

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    i have one question..... why?

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