What have you found to be the most effective hangover cure?

Aside from abstaining that is!

It is the last of my work-related Christmas parties tonight and i'm likely to suffer somewhat come morning ;-)


I'd like to stress the part of my question that requests that answers exclude the abstaining from alcohol ie. 'going teatotal' and 'not drinking'.

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    Well I'm not sure that there is anything that will get rid of a hangover but I've had a few and I usually do a few things to make me feel better. You should try to get something on your stomach the next morning (if you're REALLY hungover you may have nauseaand this may make you get sick, but sometimes throwing up can make you feel better) but eating something light makes me feel better. Also drink plenty of water and gatorade, and have plenty of dramamine or tylenol close by. I usually take a few tylenol before I go to bed when I'm drinking to go ahead and get it in me.

    The best thing is to rehydrate and rest. I found this website with some "remedies". I'm not sure how effective all of them are but you can take a look.


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    I have always found that the best cure is sleep. Of course water is key as well.

    Also I notice the sooner I get on some clean clothes (ones that don't smell like a mixture of cheap vodka and busch light) and shower, the sooner I can stomach food again. The nausea seems to go away pretty quickly once I smell better.

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    Well I would usually Drink as much water as i could before i passed out , that way my chance of a hangover is less when i wake up.

    But a little Bottle of liquid Gensing (sp?) an water helps ALOT , also have some Pho for lunch , good hangover food !!

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    I have always been a fan of the hair- of the- dog method. Drink 3 ice cold beers in under 10 minutes , then do 1 beer an hour as needed.

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    Take 2 advil with a glass of water before bed. In the morning, more advil with gatorade. Enjoy the party!

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    Eat something high in protein before bed and drink lots of gatorade. Also drink water in between drinks so you don't get dehydrated. A vitamin B supplement will help too.

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    Toast and Gatorade or Powerade. Hangovers are caused by dehydration of the brain. Replace what you lost with a sports drink and you'll feel better.

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    Don't know how to cure one but it definately works to drink water with every drink. I have been plastered out of my mind and fine in the morning as long as I stayed hydrated! Water is the key!!!

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    Drink two glasses of water before you crash.

    Drink two glasses of water when you wake up.

    Eat something, even after throwing up, if possible.

    More water, Advil, go for a walk if you can and break a sweat.

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    I found a permanent cure, it's called teetotal

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